Do not miss it! 08.29.2014 on the music channel RU.TV at 20:00 - Dima's recital - Crocus City Hall -
"30 y. o. Beginning"

Dima Bilan was recognized as the most famous Russian-speaking singer of the decade! Dima's songs over the past 10 years have sounded on the radio 5,585,422 times! The closest competitors lag behind for more than a million rotations what makes an artist an absolute champion. 
Five of the most famous Russian-speaking artists by the end of the decade is as follows: 
1. Dima Bilan 
2. Julia Savicheva 
3. Vintage 
5. Valeria
Dear friends! 
In connection with the participation of Dima in the third season of the show "The Voice" concert on August 30 in Minsk postponed to September 13. All tickets are valid. We apologize for any inconvenience.

03/08/2014 Dima Bilan was made at the concert ENEA 75 years!

07/25/14 Dima Bilan on the International contest New Wave 2014 performed at the recital, dedicated to the national stage Diva Alla Pugacheva, with a stunningly beautiful song "Ne Otrekayutsa Lyubya”. 

29.07.2014  At the closing concert of the New Wave 2014 Dima Bilan performed ​​a hit of the summer, "Bolen Toboy," which many listeners are fond of for its sincere feeling of fair love and mesmerizing artist’s voice.