New album of Dima Bilan "Ne molchi"

  The new album of Dima Bilan “Ne Molchi” was released on the 2nd of October  on iTunes. The album had been  recorded for  two years and represents a new stage in  work of the singer. It’s brought together songs in  different styles  showing the diversity and the natural transformation of the musician. The album is a bit autobiographical capturing  Bilan’s musical preferences over the past two years.

  Dima Bilan: "The album was written on a whim. This is an attempt  of the new originality, new tone ... I like  compositions  which have  drama in them such as  “Ty kak vremya” composed  in  style of romantic pop rock. I wrote the song "Teleport"  two years ago in Thailand,  did not sleep all night, it turned out to be almost autobiographical work...

  There is music on the disc   that I composed   for just  30 minutes (eg., "Labyrinty", I just fall in love with its despair, a lot of  close and personal memories, the song is full of drama, which I prefer not to scream about  but rather  whisper) and also  the songs we worked on for a long time (eg., "Ne molchi"). 

  The album includes 15 songs which artist recorded in collaboration with new authors - S.Sumachakov, MONATIK, V.Paromonov as well as  old friends: D. Kowalski, A.Shaplin, A.Lunev. A pleasant surprise for 
fans are the songs written by Dima Bilan ("Labyrinty", “Teleport" and others).
  Dima Bilan:
"I want to thank all my friends and colleagues for their patience and dedication; especially 
David Todua with whom we spent 1.5 months   looking for the style of the song "Ne molchi" ; and, of 
course, Anton Chaplin for the help to find  a new sound of my music. Thank you all for believing, I really 
wanted the album to introduce  new voices, new look (as in the instrumental composition  “Lyubi 
Menya”. All songs in the album are different but I  felt deeply all of them, a lot of effort was invested in 
every one of them. Some are full of drama, some are very lyrical, others  are full of contradictions and 
even some degree of childishness. I hope you'll love this album  the way  I do. "
The album is available on iTunes -
Track Listing:
01 Ne Molchi
02 Teleport
03 Malysh
04 Lyubi Menya
05 Labirinty
06 Krik Moei Dushi feat. Dzhigan - More
07 Ty Kak Vremya
08 Trouble
09 Chasy
10 Bolen Toboy
11 Golos Tishiny
12 Da Ladno
13 Napisat’ Tebe Pesnyu
14 Lyudi Letayut
15 Kogda Rastaet Led
Dima Bilan's "Ne molchi" music video is released
This music video turned out a very special, very touching and emotional. Its message is to change public attitudes towards people with disabilities. In the video starred supermodel and founder of the charity fund "Obnazhennoe serdthe" ("Naked Heart") Natalia Vodianova.
Dima Bilan himself calls the fans "to expose the heart to believe in the dream of understanding" and share love with the world:
"We have been waiting for this for so long !!! I sincerely believe that this video will change the lives of many people and will be an important step in building an inclusive society in Russia. "

Dima Bilan recorded a new album!
On September 4 on iTunes was released a pre-order of a new Dima Bilan's  album “Ne molchi” ("Don't be silent.")
The album,  working title of which was the age of the singer - 33 – is the embodiment of a new stage in Bilan’s creative work in its  intriguing contradiction: it is a mature drama of big hits "Malysh", "Ty kak vremya", "Ne molchi", and the playful "childish" in new songs - "Teleport", "Da ladno", and the lyrics in a new vision - "Lyubi menya", "Golos tishiny", "Labyrinths"...
"Ne molchi" - that's 15 songs, which were created within two years. The album includes the songs recorded by artist in collaboration with new authors - such as S.Sumachakov, Monatik, V.Paromonov; and proven over the years the collaboration with D. Kowalski, A.Shaplin, A.Lunev. A pleasant surprise for fans are  songs composed by Dima Bilan.
The album is available for pre-order exclusively on iTunes -
The official release of the new album is scheduled for October 2. Follow the news!


Attention contest!

September 1, 2015

 Attention! New Dima Bilan and Oriflame contest!


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 Terms of the contest are September 1 - 30. Good luck!


Updating the tour schedule!

August 25, 2015

Updating the tour schedule! 

8/31/2015 - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
05/09/2015 - Moscow, Russia
09/11/2015 - Belek, Turkey
03/11/2015 - Smolensk, Russia
04/11/2015 - Bryansk, Russia
05/11/2015 - Kursk, Russia
11/21/2015 - Almetyevsk, Russia
11/12/2015 - St. Petersburg, Russia
For more details, refer to the calendar: