2017/2018 - Winter 2017/18: The album "Egoist", the clip " (Forgive Me)", Jubilee Big Love Show.

Winter started with a grand premiere: On 1 December, "Egoist" the new album by Dima Bilan, was released in digital stores.

Dima Bilan: "Crossing the threshold of my 35th year, I gave way to my reflections, gave heed to myself and felt it was necessary to" reset "and start with a clean sheet. I feel that I was successful in this! And "egotism" here is only necessary as a means of departure from a way of life and its fuss and bustle, so that nothing distracts one from what is important. After all, as F Scott Fitzgerald said, "Selfish people are in a way terribly capable of great loves."


The album, which I submit to the court of my faithful confederates, is a musical journey into myself, a search for the authentic “I”. So as soon as I "dig up" these important answers I will share them with everyone! And now I find myself at the very height of these fascinating searches and invite all who are interested to journey together. Yes, as previously I am a romantic, but not the same as before: the style, the sound, and the performance are new. And I personally like absolutely all the tracks from the new album! I didn’t record it to prove anything to anyone, I recorded it above all to show what was important to me.


My respects to my amicable team, my faithful friend Yana Rudkovskaya, Archer Music Production and everyone, who worked together with me on the tracks of my album -  steps on this journey. I was glad to have worked with loyal associates – those such as Denis Kovalski (the dance hit " (Hold)", which took all the charts by storm this autumn), Anton Shaplin (the stylish "horror" " (Monsters)"), David Todua (the mesmerizing " (White Magic"), Arkady Alexandrov ( the  sensual-rhythmic " (Girl, Do Not Cry)") and welcome new creative alliances, for example, the author of the title track of my album – the young and talented Vladislav Ramm. And, of course, in the album are my own compositions (" (Terror)", " (Paradise)"), in fact the vocation of composer is a very important part of my life, which I cannot conceive of being without.

The album was received enthusiastically by the public and instantly soared to the upper reaches of the charts of iTunes and other sites. It also entered the top 200 of the European iTunes charts and the Apple International New Year playlist included the album track - " (Sorry)".


On 2 December 2017 the grand Dima Bilan concert " 35 (Again 35)" was held at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg – the success of the show at Crocus was consolidated: 10,000 spectators supported the artist and his team in a single hit.


On December 7 the long-awaited video of “ (Forgive Me)" premiered.

The most discussed duet of the year - Dima Bilan & Sergey Lazarev, " (Forgive Me)", fulfilled the dreams of their fans and gave vision to this undisputed hit (company Mozgi production). And it was symbolic that for inspiration, our Eurovision heroes set off for not anywhere but for the capital of Eurovision 2018, Portugal - land of miracles and fairy tales. Lost in time, the city of Sintra, its remote nooks, beaches, cliffs and forests proved to be the ideal place for the realisation of the idea behind the clip.

The director of the clip Leonid Kolosovski said:


"The moving and sensual song " (Forgive Me)"performed by two superstars of the contemporary stage, Dima Bilan and Sergey Lazarev, prompted the story of the clip. It's a story about two travellers. The elements that heroes are striving for are stronger than their feelings. They sing about the forgiveness of loved ones for this difficult choice. This road is like the life path of each of us. Our heroes make their way through impenetrable landscapes, filled with purity, freedom and the monumentality created by nature. They will traverse this path in order to achieve their goal and reunite with their elements. At some point they will meet each other and go further, each on his own path.

This duet will go into the history of contemporary music, because the black and white representation is something of a reference to the classics. The best male portraits in the history of photography are made in black and white, “noir” accentuates the troubled state of the characters, and the landscapes in this image look stunning as well.


In order to convey the mood of our clip, we needed a special location. Having identified the ten most colourful places on the planet, we have settled on two – Portugal and Iceland. But on the date set for the filming there was rainy weather in Iceland, and the choice made itself. We never for a second regretted the fact, namely that the filming took place in Portugal, a country rich in its nature and landscapes. We travelled 3000 kilometres to ascertain future locations for the filming. We avidly fixated upon photos of every nook which we managed to see. But we chose only that quantity which could physically be managed in three shooting days.


It was very easy to work with the guys. We reached an absolute mutual understanding long before we arrived in Portugal, even at the stage of project development. The whole team was so cohesive that it appeared to be one organism, so that if even someone talks about some celebrity, we did not think anything of it. Dima Bilan and Sergey Lazarev laboured very hard on the set for this work to take shape. They had to burn in the scorching sun, and suffer a squally wind that dangerously blew their ears. They had to prick themselves with the thorns of shrubs, and make their way through jungles, and even drown in the icy ocean. So, I do not know what they are saying about the stars, but they are able to slave away. "


The artists also shared their thoughts.


Dima Bilan: "For me it is a special history, distinguishable from the stream of my music video. There came together here some powerful energies: creative top-professionals Mozgi productions (I was glad to work with them again), Sergei’s charismatic acting, and there’s mine - quite different. And the main thing was that these elements did not drown each other, but merged into a single stream of creativity. The noble dramatic history and the unique poetic manner of the environs of the city of Sintra, their driving winds and wild coastal beauty united and inspired us.


You can look for many subtexts in the story itself. And there's a subtext that maybe everybody hears. The track is called " (Forgive Me)”, and perhaps it is a kind of meeting of Sergei and I at a "zero latitude". We have been much "at loggerheads" at various periods of time. And in this clip, we are able to tell each other, "Sorry, dude, everything’s OK!"


Sergey Lazarev: "Such duets don’t happen often, they have high concentration of nerves, feelings and emotions. It so happened that Dima’s and my creative paths began in the same year, in the same place. We were both participants in the New Wave Competition in 2002 in Jurmala. Since then, our paths have run parallel, sometimes intersecting, sometimes keeping us from one another. We compared ourselves, clashed and quarrelled, but in the end, time arranged everything in its place. Each of us became an independent and successful solo artist with his multi-million audience of fans, each of us underwent many trials, and ups, and downs. This video clip is our journey. "

Every Friday during December on (First Channel) the show " (The Voice)" was broadcast live. The items performed by Dima’s team astonished the viewer by reason of the quality and creative approach. The composition “Polaroid” performed by Anastasia Zorina, produced the effect of an exploding bomb – this avant-garde number was not well received by all, but the originality and talent of the presentation were unreservedly recognized as such. Such a presentation has never before been seen neither on “ (The Voice)” nor on (First Channel).  The Chinese lady Yan Ge (actress of cinema and the Gogol Centre Theatre) from Dima’s team was in the Final -  the public loved her performances for charisma, warmth and spontaneity.

The premiere of the feature film " (Burn)", directed by Kirill Pletnev,  where Dima played a cameo role, took place on December 7. Critics and the public noted that, despite the fact that Dima was on the screen very briefly and played only himself, the role was bright and memorable. Dima's emotional tirade in the film is indignation at the fact that the filmmakers did not see a deep individuality in him and did not offer him a role worthy of his talent. It was received simultaneously as a manifesto and as a postmodern pun. We await the reaction of the film world and interesting roles!


On 13 December, the ceremony of the Russian National Music Awards took place. Dima is an academician of the Academy of Music established by them and a member of the Prize Jury. At the ceremony Dima together with Polina Gagarina and Ani Lorak performed the composition " (Memory of Dmitry Khvorostovsky)", and this piercing number was met with tears and an ovation by the public.


From Dima’s New Year performances, one can mark the broadcasts " , (What, where, when)"  (" (When The Ice Melts)"), " (New Year's Night on First Channel)" (" (Hold)" with Ksenia Sukhinova), “ » – 1 (New Year's concert on the Channel Russia-1)” (" (Forgive me)" with Sergey Lazarev). Also, according to tradition, Dima performed in Evgeniy Plushenko’s ice show - "The Nutcracker" in the Olympic Stadium, where together with children, studying at the academy Stars, he performed the songs " (Star)" and " (When The Ice Melts)."


In the New Year’s Eve issue of the magazine " (Tele Week)" Dima’s interview went out with the cover. Dima also supported his homeland and took part in the award project "The Best People of Kabardino-Balkaria", having given an interview to the magazine and the online-venues of the award.


The year was notable for being extremely saturated, and in January Dima was pleased to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, which he spent in warm lands, gaining strength in solitude with nature on the shores of the ocean.


In January the newspaper "MK" traditionally summed up the musical year. Dima won in two nominations of the ZD Awards 2018: "Clip of the Year"-" (Labyrinths)" and "Song of the Year"-" (Hold)", which underlined the true triumph " (Hold) ", not only beating all the records in Russia, but entering for the first time the international ratings of iTunes. Dima was also noted in terms of the high voting results in the nominations for "Artist of the Year", "Album", "Concert", "Duet".


The new working year began with a whole cascade of Dima's performances on the Big Love Show: in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk. This year, the popular show from Love Radio was held for the 10th time, and Dima, as its regular participant and headliner, gladly supported the festive concerts.

After that Dima’s big tour of Russian cities commenced: Yekaterinburg, Perm, Kirov, Izhevsk...


Thanslated by Michael Mindt.