New song «Про белые розы»

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Dima Bilan's new song «Про белые розы» (“About White Roses”) is an immersion in nostalgia of the 80-90s, these are sunny days, lightness and a full thrill from every note heard.

Dima Bilan: “For me, this is a challenge and a search for new intonations, a kind of game with space and time.” And for all of us  this is a tender gift, it is warmth and light, which are so lacking in the rapid digital summer-2019.

The track is available on all digital platforms:

Премия "Жара"

April 11, 2019

5 апреля в Крокус сити Холл состоялась ежегодная премия Жара Music Awards. Дима Билан получил награду в номинации «Лучшая песня» за трек «Молния»,  клип на который, кстати,  на днях   набрал 30 млн просмотров на youtube.



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On February 6, the Planet Bilan a grandiose Moscow show of Dima Bilan, took place with a full house. The performance, which took place in the recently opened VTB Arena Dynamo stadium, sold about ten thousand tickets. At the concert at the junction of music, performance, cinema and heroic comics Dima performed 36 songs.

The Planet Bilan show will set off on a big tour of Russia and the CIS, during the tour, Dima Bilan will visit 22 cities. In addition, in February 2020 there will be a weekly tour with this show in Germany.


Photos: Ilya Ignatovitch


Single and music  video premiere - "Ocean"!

   We’ve been waiting for this event for two years! Confessional, shockingly honest, washed up to the crunch by the icy waters of Iceland, unlike anything, “Ocean” is a symbol of purification and rebirth. Bilan will never be the same. This piece is a milestone for a new takeoff.
Single: link to all digital platforms (+ for the first time - Spotify!)