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In September, the traditional international contest "New Wave" was held in Sochi. Dima Bilan became an active participant of this festival, performing at almost all concerts with unforgettable, bright numbers:


"My dear Muscovites"

"For those who are at sea" (Feat Timur Rodriguez, Intars Busulis)

"Forgive Me" - Dima Bilan & Sergey Lazarev

"Ordinary story"

Check out photos in the "Gallery section"

In June, Dima Bilan’s acoustic concert in the legendary format MTV Unplugged took place in Moscow. The air was shown on September 3 on the MTV Russia channel. Concert numbers on youtube service can be found here:


Link to a playlist of the concert:

Check out concert photos in the Gallery section. Photo: MTV press service, Julia Pyzhova.

Music video premiere – “Derzhi” (Hold)!

The funny sunny music video was shot this summer in Lisbon, Portugal, feat Miss World 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova.

Director of the video Leonid Kolosovsky:

"Three merry days! - so you can describe the shooting of Dima Bilan's video for the song "Hold." This work is special for its attitude. It seems to me that I see Dima differently. I am very impressed by his cheerful disposition, and it was possible to observe it in our first work "In Your Head", which the audience also appreciated, it got an award the best cmusic video of the year according to the version of Muz-TV 2017. Everything we needed for this video is a good mood, willingness to work and a lot of locations. This is the idea. There are songs that I want to shoot videos without complicating anything. In the song itself there is so much drive and rhythm that the director can only emphasize this. This is what we all did. We danced a hundred kilometers and visited the most stylistically diverse places in order to convey the infinity of events in the video. Natural tricks awaited us: the weather near the ocean is very changeable and unpredictable, the wind, then the heat, then the cold, then the fog were chasing us. But with the company and a cheerful atmosphere, nothing is scary.”

Dima Bilan: "My most sincere Respect to the MOZGI Production team for the ease in creating a drive for us and all of you who were waiting for this enchanting, dancing work. Ksenia Sukhinova charmed us all with the mood that came to shooting with her, she feels the moment just like us and will always support any fan, I just can not imagine these three days without her.

 And my special Respect is to Lisbon: 10 years ago I was here the nominee of the MTV Europe music awards and was glad to visit again: it's cozy here, the history is enveloping, and somehow in a special way elegantly, like if I’m back to the family. Apparently, in countries where the craft predominates, in all its forms, it is always so warm and disposing. And this heat was transferred to our sunny clip."

Ksenia Sukhinova: "I'm cooperating with Dima for the second time (I participate in his concert in Crocus" Again 35 "), and he works with him very easily, fun, he charges with the energy everyone around - I think this is the main thing in his talent of a wonderful artist. Plus his incredible ability to work: against the backdrop of his endless flights, performances and filming, it was not at all clear that he had not slept all these days, he had worked hard, and at the same time he was charging everyone. The track "Hold" stays in your head right away, you can listen to it endlessly - all this is what you want to convey in the video: ease, drive, summer, Portugal. I was here for the first time and was fascinated by these places: stunning people, gastronomy, good climate, although sometimes there was a strong wind on the ocean, and the guys were freezing, but I was lucky - I was sitting in the car at that time. We got a cool, well-coordinated team - three days we were shooting from morning till night, we saw a lot of places, because the idea of ​​the clip is in motion: I'm following Dima, he is following me, everything is fun and no pathos. at all".




 On June 22, at the live show "Ok connceted" Dima Bilan pleased his fans with frank answers to their questions, an entertaining interactive and live performance of his three hits! The air was also repeated on the Moscow 24 channel.

Video broadcast: