Dima Bilan's show "35 inseparable"
In honor of Dima Bilans upcoming anniversary on November 15 and 16 in the Crocus City Hall two grand sold out new Dima Bilans shows took place - "35 inseparable". The artist included in the concert program his brightest hits for all the years of his career, and innovative light show and unexpected performances gave it a new emotional charge. On stage together with Dima appeared his participants of the project " The Voice.Kids." (Danil Pluzhnikov, Yaroslava Degtyareva, Maria Panyukova), acrobats, skaters, dancers, Nika (heroine of the action "Do not be silent"), children of the Stars Academy, and a special part of the program was defile of selebrity divas - Elena Perminova, Ksenia Sukhinova, Polina Kitsenko, Natalia Yakimchik, Snezhana Georgieva and Ekaterina Mukhina passed the stage in spectacular costumes. Besides these, star guests of the show were Alla Pugacheva (after whom Dima performed the song), Polina Gagarina, Katy Topuriya, Marina and Galina Yudashkins and Igor Gulyaev, Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko and others. The show became a new stage in artists creative work and got highest appreciation from both public and professionals.

Dima Bilan in the program "Evening Urgant" aired on 28/10/2016
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Animation movie TROLLS

October 21, 2016

Dima Bilan and Victoria Dayneko presented the main autumn animation movie «TROLLS»
on October 20 th “Moscow” cinema hosted the premiere of the new animated film «TROLLS», which will release in cinemas in Russia on October 27th. Bright, funny and always positive characters of the film made its first audience fall in love with them. Dima Bilan and Vika Dayneko who gave their votes to the main characters of the film, presented a picture and talked about how they are glad to be part of this fun and brilliant film that will appeal to both children and their parents.

Official trailer:

New Dima Bilan’s video “V tvoei golove”  ("In your head”)
   In the new Dima Bilan’s video  MOZGI Production team immerses the viewer into a world of absolute fantasy. Imagination in the video is a certain space, a closed room in which  live strange characters. They are bright and whimsical and embody Dima ‘s emotions.
   Dima Bilan: "I wanted to recall myself as a "Night hooligan", look at romance in a positive and fun way. MOZGI Production proved to be the team that found the fresh and stylish way to get the craziness out of me, that always had been inside me and is ready for a creative performance. The cooperation was fun! I think it will be interesting for the public to check out the result."

Dima Bilan in the New Wave 2016

September 13, 2016

In September, Sochi hosted the International Music Competition "New Wave-2016" Dima Bilan’s performance at this festival became a huge an event again! Spectacular hi-tech number to Dima‘s hit "Indivisible" (music by J. Kovalski, lyrics by M. Gutseriev) showed what can be expected from the upcoming Bilan’s show premiere in Crocus (15, 16 November):

And O.Gazmanov’s song "Mama" that Dima performed with his pupil, the winner of the show “The Voice. kids"  2016 Danil Pluzhnikov, haven’t leave anyone indifferent: the audience could not hold back the tears, and the number of video views on Facebook got over a million:
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