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June 7, 2016
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May 29 at the near Moscow University was held a charity run Adidas Running Hearts  organized by Natalia Vodianova (Naked Hearts) and Paulina Kitsenko (“Podium Market”). All funds, raised during the race, were transferred to the charity fund Naked Hearts by Natalia Vodianova. This time is was an impressive amount - 37 million rubles. Dima Bilan is constantly collaborating with the Natalia Vodianova’s Fund, he did not stay on the sidelines this time as well – he supported the massive charity event, performing at the end of the race in the University Square with a LIVE hour set.  Today I was given a medal of one of the biggest marathon of the country! The marathon with the length of 1,5 years and my first experience with the guys from #nakedheartfoundation and #dontbesilent (#nemolchi)!!! The most important feeling of today was the atmosphere of friendship and amicable unity! It;s really great, guys!  - Dima wrote in his Instagram.
Check out event photos in the Gallery section.

Updating the tour schedule!
August 9 - Sudak, Crimea
Aug 10 - Alushta, Crimea
August 11 - Artek, Crimea
Aug 21 - Liepaja, Latvia
22 August - Jurmala, Latvia
September 5 - 8 - Sochi, Russia, "New Wave"
October 2 - Ufa, Russia
October 3 - The Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia
5 October - Kazan, Russia
October 6 - Ulyanovsk, Russia
October 10 - Ekaterinburg, Russia
October 11 - Perm, Russia
Oct 13 - Chelyabinsk, Russia
October 14 - Tyumen, Russia
October 31 - Nizhnevartovsk, Russia
November 1 - Surgut, Russia
Nov 3 - Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
November 21 - Sergiev Posad, Russia
November 22 - Yaroslavl, Russia
November 24 - Ivanovo, Russia
November 25 - Kostroma, Russia
For more details, refer to the calendar:
Dear friends, we have a great news! A long-awaited music video world premiere: DIMA BILAN - "INSEPARABLE"
  Check out at the official Dima Bilan’s YouTube channel the music video world premiere for his song "Inseparable" ! Extraordinary, sensual song for the popular artist was written by the poet Mikhail Gutseriev and composer Denis Kowalski.
  On the creation of the composition producer Yana Rudkovskaya said: "it has a very powerful message which is able to unite people around the world. We wanted to convey the idea through music, and I think we succeeded."
 The shooting took place in Los Angeles under the direction of the American producer, the president of the agency «Creative Talent Management» Samuel Aroutounian. The director was the Californian fashion photographer David Mushegain. Yana Rudkovskaya said that it was David who was able to convey the full range of feelings and emotions inherent in the verses of the author: "We wanted to make a love story through the eyes of the person who makes the most beautiful shoots in the world for the best glossy magazines - «Vogue» and «GQ».
 In working on an international project took part a supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski, which is now one of the most sought-after beautiful women in the world. ";Besides the fact that Emily is really a very beautiful girl, she is also a great professional. On the whole, I found it very comfortable to work: on the site was warm and friendly atmosphere. This is always the case when you are surrounded by people, united by a common idea. In my opinion, we have been able to fully display the lyrics’ promise: we bring people together from the two continents in such a difficult time for the world, and took off with a story based on love. I hope that in this way we are going with small steps towards each other," - shared Dima Bilan.
  Several trucks of technology, many locations, change of images and scenery: with every new double was created a unique fashion story, which is based on immersive emotions. Interestingly, the team was able to implement all the ideas in the video and photography for 12 hours: model and singer managed to find in their dense graphs only such an extremely short period of time.
   The image of Dima Bilan and Emily Ratajkowski was made by star hair and make-up master, who worked with «Vogue», «GQ», «Dolce & Gabbana» and «Dior» - Nico Doniele and authoritative Hollywood stylist Kris Zero.
  Check out the new Dima Bilan’s video ";Inseparable" on youtube and music channels!

Concert of Dima Bilan!

Watch the concert of Dima Bilan in the program RUSONG LIVE: Live May 21 at 12:00, 22 May at 22:00, May 25 at 16:00 Moscow time.


Dima Bilan presented the movie “The Heritage Of Love” ("The Hero") at the Cannes International Film Festival!
  Historical drama "Hero" with Dima Bilan in the lead role has been shown to the film community a professional film market Marche du Film at Cannes International Film Festival. Bilan himself had come only for a theme party on a yacht, which was a continuation to the film premiere on the French Riviera. His difficult flight to Cote d'Azur was compensated by positive feedback from viewers of the film - a cinema hall was full of those wanting to see a Russian picture. According to preliminary data, a great interest was shown from Germany, China, South Korea, Turkey, US, India and others.
   Industry Professionals warmly received the film at Cannes. Some wept while watching, and after having met the actor at a party on the yacht congratulated Dima Bilan on successful debut. Bilan cheerfully greeted the viewers of the movie aboard yacht, which was designed in the style of the movie: characters’ costumes (incl. blue Bilan’ uniform, memorable from the movie), seamen's caps with the written words "The Heritage Of Love" (this is the international name of the picture), and songs of Dima Bilan, sounding throughout all the party, French wines - the reception was a success! At the yacht also was held a press conference - Bilan was attacked by correspondents of major European publications - from the UK, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands Japan, Serbia and others.
Good luck to “The Heritage Of Love” on the internationall film scene!