Neffos | New call

March 28, 2017

BBDO Moscow for Neffos feat Dima Bilan – advertising video  on TV now:

Documentary is released: Dima Bilan at the premiere of a movie "The Heritage of Love" in London
The premier of a movie "The Heritage of Love" stars Dima Bilan took place on the 30th November in London, in the legendary cinema theatre Regent Street Cinema. "The Heritage of Love"  was honoured to be the opening movie of  the Russian Film Week, which was held in the UK capital from November 30th to December 4th. Dima Bilan became the guest of honour of the festival. He attended the premiere of "The Heritage of Love ", gave numerous interviews to the British press, met with the audience, and also performed in Maddox club at the Russian Film Week opening party. Shortly after this film was released in Britain.

Meet new Dima Bilan’s music video! This is not just a new video, this is a real horror mini movie in fact!  It holds all genre rules, and  suspense while watching it is guaranteed. And the main thing is that every viewer  understands it in his own way:  we all do have our own monsters in our heads!

Dima Bilan at music awards  in the end of the year
At the iconic music awards of outgoing year Dima Bilan has been awarded:
New Radio Award "Major League"  - the song "Unseparable"
  "Golden Gramophone" - the song "Unseparable"
  "Song of the Year" - the song "Unseparable" 
  "Russian National Music Award" - "Best Pop Singer"
Check out awards photos in the "Gallery" section


Dima Bilan's show "35 inseparable"
In honor of Dima Bilans upcoming anniversary on November 15 and 16 in the Crocus City Hall two grand sold out new Dima Bilans shows took place - "35 inseparable". The artist included in the concert program his brightest hits for all the years of his career, and innovative light show and unexpected performances gave it a new emotional charge. On stage together with Dima appeared his participants of the project " The Voice.Kids." (Danil Pluzhnikov, Yaroslava Degtyareva, Maria Panyukova), acrobats, skaters, dancers, Nika (heroine of the action "Do not be silent"), children of the Stars Academy, and a special part of the program was defile of selebrity divas - Elena Perminova, Ksenia Sukhinova, Polina Kitsenko, Natalia Yakimchik, Snezhana Georgieva and Ekaterina Mukhina passed the stage in spectacular costumes. Besides these, star guests of the show were Alla Pugacheva (after whom Dima performed the song), Polina Gagarina, Katy Topuriya, Marina and Galina Yudashkins and Igor Gulyaev, Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko and others. The show became a new stage in artists creative work and got highest appreciation from both public and professionals.