Backstage of filming music video by Dima Bilan & Sergey Lazarev - «Прости меня» (Forgive me)

On December 1, took place the premiere of the music video «Прости меня» (Forgive me) for the most discussed duet of the year in Russian pop music – Eurovision heroes Dima Bilan & Sergey Lazarev. The video has already collected more than a million views on youtube and continues to be in the spotlight.

  And today a backstage video is out. The capital of Eurovision 2018 Portugal, the picturesque city of Sintra with its sea, rocks and forests, the interaction of two top stars, whichbecame real friends thanks to this common musical story, amusing moments - there is something to see!

Backstage is out in two versions. The version on Dima's youtube channel is focused on Dima, the version on Sergey's youtube channel is focused, accordingly, on Sergey. It’s a wonderful gift to the armies of their fans!

Backstage of "Forgive me" on Dima’s channel:

Backstage of "Forgive me" on Sergei’s channel:

Filmed by: Ana Ray

Eurovision heroes Dima Bilan (Euro 2008 winner) and Sergei Lazarev (second place in Euro-2016), recorded the joint track “Prosti menya”(Forgive Me), its premier became a sensation at the main Russian music award - MUZ TV. And after that the star duet made a video for this song. And it is symbolic that for inspiration artists went to the capital of Eurovision-2018 Portugal - a country of wonders and fairy tales! The ancient city of Sintra, truly lost in time, its remote corners, beaches, rocks and forests proved to be an ideal place for embodying the idea of ​​a music video.

Dima Bilan: "For me, this is a special story that stands out from the stream of my music videos. Several powerful energies converged here: the creative work of top professionals Mozgi production (I was glad to work again), Sergey's acting charisma, and quite another - mine. And most importantly, these elements did not sink each other, but merged into a single stream of creativity. We were united and inspired by this noble dramatic story and inimitable poetics of the surroundings of the city of Sintra, their windswept, wild coastal beauty.

In the history itself, you can search for many subtexts. And there is a subtext, which, perhaps, is heard by everyone. The track is called "Forgive me" - and, perhaps, it's some kind of our meeting at "zero latitude" with Sergei. We were "pushed headlong" in different periods of time. And in this video we can say to each other: "Sorry, dude, it's okay!"

Sergei Lazarev: "Such duets happen infrequently, they have a high concentration of nerves, feelings and emotions, it so happened that our creative paths with Dima started in one year, in one place - we were both participants of the New Wave 2002 contest in Jurmala. our paths were parallel, sometimes crossing, sometimes moving away from each other. We were compared, confronted, quarreled, but, in the end, time put everything in its place. Each of us became an independent successful solo artist with his multimillion audience of fans, each of us went many trials, ups and downs, and this video is about our way."

Backstage photo by Ana Ray (Anastasia Raykova):



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Big concert Dima Bilan "Опять 35" St.-Petersburg concert, Ice palace

Dima Bilan's new album “Эгоист» (Egoist) is available in digital stores!

Dima Bilan: "Having crossed the threshold of the 35th anniversary, I surrendered to my thoughts, listened to myself and felt the need to "roll over" and start with a new sheet. And I, as I feel it, succeeded in it! And "egoism" here is only a necessary measure of avoiding everyday life and vanity, so that nothing distracts from the Essential. After all, as F.S. Fitzgerald said, "Selfish people are in a way terribly capable of great loves."
The album that I propose to the judgement of my devoted like-minded people is a musical journey inside of myself, the search for my true "I". That's as soon as I find these important answers - I will certainly share it with everyone! And now I am in the midst of these fascinating searches and invite everyone who is interested to travel together. Yes, I am still a romantic, but not the same as before: style, sound, performance became new. And I like absolutely all the tracks from the new album! I recorded them not to prove something to someone, I recorded them first of all to prove important to myself.
Respect for my friendly team, my faithful friend Yana Rudkovskaya, Archer Music Production and everyone who created the album tracks along with me, which are stepping stones along the way. I was glad to work with loyal comrades-in-arms such as Denis Kovalsky (dance hit "Derzhi" (Hold), who broke all the charts this fall), Anton Shaplin (stylish "horror “Монстры» (Monsters), David Todua (bewitching "Белая магия» (White Magic), Arkady Alexandrov (sensually rhythmic "Девочка, не плачь» (Girl, do not cry), and I welcome new creative unions, for example, the author of the title track of the album is the young and talented Vladislav Ramm. And, of course, there are songs in the album, composed by myself ("Жуть» (Horror), «Рай» (Paradise), because composing is a very important part of my life, without which I just do not think myself.
I'm very interested in how you will accept the album, let's listen together and discuss my winter gift to you, my dear friends, - the album "Egoist".

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Track list:

«Эгоист» (Egoist) music and words: Vladislav Ramm. Arrangement: Anton Shaplin.

"Держи" (Hold) music and words: Denis Kowalski. Arrangement: Gleb Soloviev.

"Атом" (Atom) music: Arkady Alexandrov, words: Artem Kacharyan. Arrangement: Igor Kryukov.

"Девочка, не плачь" (Girl, do not cry) music and words: Arkady Alexandrov. Arranged by Yegor Sesarev.

"Белая магия" (White magic) music: David Todua, words: Dmitry Mironenko. Arrangement: David Todua.

"Монстры в твоей голове" (Monsters in your head) music: Anton Shaplin, words: Sonya Snezhnaya. Arrangement: Anton Shaplin.

"Дыши" (Breathe) music and words: Vladislav Ramm. Arrangement: Igor Kryukov.

"Рай" (Paradise) music: Dima Bilan, words and arrangement: Yegor Sesarev. Arrangement: Yegor Sesarev.

"Память" (Memory) music and words: Alexei Ismailov. Arrangement: Igor Kryukov.

 "Жуть" (Horror) music and words: Dima Bilan. Arrangement: Anton Shaplin.

Show "BILAN. AGAIN 35 "

November 10, 2017
Show "BILAN. AGAIN 35 "

November 8, 2017 in the Crocus City Hall, Moscow, was held a grandiose show of Dima Bilan - "BILAN. AGAIN 35 ".

The only winner of Eurovision from Russia, the leader of rotations, charts and music awards showed the encore a unique show for his 35th anniversary, which the audience enthusiastically accepted last year. A couple of weeks before the concert there was a full SOLD OUT. The director of the show Alexei Golubev made a world-class production with holograms, scenery-transformers and unexpected light solutions. But the main thing is more than two hours of live singing of Dima Bilan with a team of virtuosos - musicians and dancers. These are the hot tracks of recent years ( Я буду в твоей голове» (I'll be in your head), “Часы» (Watch), «Ты как время» (You're like time), a new reading of "imperishable" («Ночной хулиган» (Night Hooligan), «На берегу неба» (On the Sky Shore) , “Бум» (Boom), "Never let" you go"and Believe ", which brought Dima the glory of the hero of Eurovision and many other brightest numbers. But that's not all: specially for this year's show there were prepared four premier numbers! For the first time the song «Девочка, не плачь» (Girl, do not cry) was performed from the new album «Эгоист» (Egoist), which will be released very soon. Confessional «Океан» (Ocean) - a favorite composition of the artist himself, a which music video is planned for release next year. And, of course, the most anticipated numbers were the duet "Прости меня» (Forgive me) with Sergei Lazarev's hologram and the dance hit «Держи» (Derzhi) with the live Miss World Xenia Sukhinova. The last composition, which is the absolute hit of the season, the leader of the charts MUZ TV and iTunes, was encoded in the finale of the concert!
 A separate impressive part of the show was the panorama of the Crocus Hall. In addition to the traditional creative flashmobs prepared by Dima's fans, the show was decorated with a sea of ​​colorful lights from luminous bracelets that were given out to the public at the entrance to the concert hall and which changed the color on each song, creating a unique atmosphere of space flight and universal love.

See you at the show "Again 35" on December 2, 2017 in the Ice Palace, St. Petersburg!