2003 - First solo album Nochnoy hooligan

In 2003, Dima released his debut album called Nochnoy Huligan (Night Hooligan). The video for the title song was a huge hit. It was Dima’s first collaboration with director Gosha Toidze. 

By the time he graduated from college, Dima had already released four music videos and performed at various concerts.

Awards for 2003:

  • “ZD Awards” – "Top Sexy” (January 2003)
  • “Neon” magazine, contest “Cover of the year” – “Hero of the cover” (23 October 2003)
  • “Song of the year” festival – the song “Ya tak lyublyu tebya” (30 November 2003)
  • Annual national award “Golden disc” – For commercially successful album “Ya nochnoy hooligan” (13 December 2003)