2005 - The Dawn of a new era Eurovision, Yuri Aizenshpis death, the beginning of his collaboration with Yana Rudkovskaya

At the beginning of 2005, the music video Ty dolzha ryadom byt was released topping all the charts.

Dima first tried to reach the final stage of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 with the song Not that simple, which earned him the second place at the Russian national selection. At the time, his producer was none other than the late Yury Aizenshpis, the famous Russian music mogul, known for his work with Viktor Tsoi in the time of the Soviet Union.

On the 20th of September,  Yury Aizenshpis passed away and that is how Dima started his collaboration with Yana Rudkovskaya.

In December 2005 Dima received two golden gramophones, in Sankt Petersburg and Alma-Ata, for his song Ty dolzjna ryadom byt (the Russian version of Not That Simple). During the shooting of the yearly music show Noviye pesny o glavnom (New Songs about what matters), a professional jury awarded him the grand prize of the Russian state broadcaster Channel One. 2005 was also the year in which the Rambler Media Group declared Dima Man of the Year in the showbiz industry as he received most votes from his fans.

Awards for 2005:

“Fashion people” awards – “Fashion male singer” (27 March 2005)

"TVC" TV-channel awards – “Superdisc” (15 March 2005)

“Hello!” magazine awards – “Best pop act of spring” (spring 2005)

“Golden bee” awards – “Best pop act” (June 2005)

“Golden gramophone” by “Russian radio” awards (St. Petersburg) –  the song “Na beregu neba” (20 November 2005)

“Golden gramophone” by “Russian radio” awards (Asia) –  the song “Ty dolzhna ryadom byt” (22 November 2005)

“Golden gramophone” by “Russian radio” awards (Moscow) –  the song “Na beregu neba” (2 December 2005)

“MTV RMA 2005” awards – “Best male singer”, “Best Act”  (21 September 2005)

“EMA MTV 2005”  awards – “Best Russian act” (3 November 2005, Lisbon)

“Novye pesni o glavnom” festival –  the song  “Ty dolzhna ryadom byt” (2005)

“Rambler” awards – “The person of the year” award (2005)