2012 - Even more new projects: from the 30 y.o. Beginning concert to The Voice

From January to April, Dima toured Russia from the far north to the south, travelling to 45 different cities. The 30 y.o. Beginning concert was very often sold out, the artist performing in front of a different crowd every day.

Dima entered the Russian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with the song Back to her Future performed alongside former t.A.T.u member Yulia Volkova, being runner-ups with 29.25 points. During the second semi-final of the international contest Dima joined former Eurovision winners – Alexander Rybak, Lena, Ell and Nikki and Marija Šerifović – in a unique interval act. 

The music video Tak ne byvaet (English version: Talk to me honey) saw the light of day in April under the direction of Andrey Tishkin (with whom Dima worked on the video for Na beregu neba). The video echoes the recent rebellious activities of the European youth.

Dima put his talent to the benefit of children in need as he took part in two charity concerts in 2012: the first, entitled Believe, was organised in May at the Lushniki Sports Arena and featured both Evgeny Plushenko and Edvin Marton, while the second one was fixed for December at the Crocus City Hall.

The summer of 2012 brought a new award to Dima’s record – the Muz-TV 2012 Best Male Singer award.

On the 5th of June, Dima enchanted the audience in a unique concert organised in the famous Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow. He was accompanied by the symphonic orchestra of the Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted by Felix Aranovsky. The concert revealed another side to Dima, who performed opera arias and crossovers alongside his most popular hits, attracting an even wider audience. Due to its enormous success, the concert was also staged in Saint Petersburg in the autumn of 2012.

The music video for the song Lyubov-suka (shot in July and directed by Gosha Toidze) was released at the New Wave music festival in Jurmala. In the video the characters decide to have their memories erased due to the pain love has caused them.

In September, Dima played an active role in the in the No Garbage! campaign at the Filevsky Park  in Moscow.

During the RU.TV Music Awards, Dima won the Best Male Singer award.

Dima used all his experience and knowledge of the music industry as a coach on The Voice talent show, broadcast on Channel One, in the autumn and winter of 2012. The competition was extremely successful and portrayed Dima as a thoughtful, caring and involved coach. Alongside his mentees, Dima gave many amazing performances, receiving an official invitation to retake his role as a coach during the second season of the show.

Mixing sounds and scents, Dima also became the face of a new fragrance – dB Decibel by Azzaro.

Dima obtained the highest number of votes in the 2012 MTV EMA awards, thus becoming Best Russian Act for the seventh consecutive time. Another astounding achievement came along, as Dima became the first Russian to win the award for Best European Act, representing Russia at the 2012 MTV EMA awards ceremony in Frankfurt. This multitude of recognitions led to his nomination as World’s Best Male Artist  at the World Music Awards.

In the same period, a series of reality films were released on the internet showing unscripted snippets from Dima’s life. A video-collage of thoughts, dreams, worries and emotions provided answers to yet unasked questions.

While fully opening up his heart to his fans and audience, Dima undertook a unique project, premiered on the 24th of December 2012 (his 31st birthday) with the release of the music video Fairy World. Using his birth name – Vitya Belan – Dima is promoting songs entirely written by him and different from the known commercial format. Fairy World combines elements of electro pop, jazz and funk, while the video presents the transformative power of innocence and love. Vitya’s debut song received an extremely positive feedback from Dima’s current fans, music critics and the foreign media. Alongside supporters of his project, Andrey Cherny (sound producer) and Slava Lungu (lyricist) he is working on his debut album. 

Awards for 2012:

  • “ZD Awards” – “Act of the year”, “Album of the year” – “Mechtatel” (27 January 2012)
  • National Music Awards "Muz-TV 2012" - Award: "Best Performer" (1 June 2012)
  • Premium TV channel "RU.TV" - Awards: "Best Singer" (29 September 2012)
  • Prize "Europe Music Awards 2012" - the award: "Best Russian Act" (October 16, 2012, Frankfurt - Germany)
  • Prize "Europe Music Awards 2012" - the award: "Best European Act" (October 30, 2012, Frankfurt - Germany)