2014 - Olympics, The Voice Kids, Alien24, shooting the film, Alien24

Moscow was truly in love with music on Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February, with performers enchanting the audiences during the ‘Big Love Show 2014’ at the Olympic Stadium. Dima took part in the show for the sixth time, performing some of his hit songs. 

On the 25th of February Dima supported his close friend, the Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko. He performed the anthem of the Russian Figure Skating Federation dedicated to all Olympic figure skaters.
Dima also performed the Paralympic anthem, ‘I can,’ written by his friend, the Hungarian violinist Edvin Marton. In early spring Dima went to Sochi to take part in the gala concert of the ‘White Cane’ international charity festival, part of the Paralympics cultural programme. The Sochi 2014 organizing committee recognised the great impact that a duet between a known performer and a young debut artist can have - true friendships developed behind the stage and touched many lives. 
The 86th Academy Awards took place on March 2nd in Los Angeles in an effort to celebrate the cinematic achievements of the previous year. The Walt Disney animation film ’Frozen’,  for which Dima did a voiceover of one of the main characters, won 2 Oscars, including for best animation picture. 
Spring was also the time when the long-awaited show ’The Voice Kids’ was aired and Dima was one of the coaches. The show introduced a wave of fresh talent to the Russian audience and Dima’s proteges left a lasting impression, with two of the finalists – Christian Kostov and Lev Axelrod – becoming the public’s darlings.
Dima chose the 12th of April, Cosmonautics Day, for the debut of his new electronic music project ’Alien24’. The premiere took place on the show ’Vechernyi Urgant’ and gave the audience the opportunity to discover a completely new kind of music and a new side to Dima. This didn’t interfere in any way with his mainstream work as he released his new single  ’Bolen Toboy’ (’Tormented by your love’) on the 15th of April.
This spring Dima really kept himself busy as he was given the chance to make one of his dreams come true. He was able to test his abilities in a whole different genre as he was cast in a feature film. Director Yuryi Vasiliev offered Dima the role of a white officer in his film about love in the time of the 1st World War. ’Music on Ice’ was filmed in Lithuania and Dima was delighted to start shooting for the feature, where he played alongside young up-and-coming actress Svetlana Ivanova.  
The 9th awards ceremony organised by the ’Hello!’ magazine took place on April 22nd. This edition was called ’Russia’s Most Stylish’ and this year Dima stole the show as he won the prize for the category of ’Russia’s Most Stylish Man’. 
Dima was also nominated twice for the categories of ’Best Singer’ and ’Best Song’ at the yearly RuTV music awards. On May 31st  he saw his efforts crowned as his song ’Malish’ was announced as  the ’Best Song’ winner.
On the 6th of June, the Olympic award ceremony was held, as one of the most appreciated Russian music awards, tracing its debut back to 2003 under the name Muz-TV Evolution. To the delight of all his fans, Dima was involved in the presentation of awards, wearing an extremely stylish and elegant outfit. On the red carpet, Dima welcomed his fans, who are also part of the Moscow Friends Club and who were wearing alien masks with the logo of Dima’s new project, Alien24. Dima was once again named the best Russian artist, winning his twelfth consecutive award. During the ceremony, he also performed his hit Little darling (Malish), with a live show that included stunning projections of waterfalls, synchronized to the music.

The 10th of June saw the premiere of the music video Music Is in my Soul, a song released by the Alien24 project. Dima and his very good friend, the musician Andrey Cherny presented their new creation to journalists and the wider public. 
On the 27th of June, the television talent show The Voice (broadcast on Channel One) received the Taffy award for the best entertainment show. Dima has been a permanent coach for several consecutive seasons of the show. 
The month of July also saw the premiere of the music video for a new song that quickly became a summer hit – Bolen Toboy (I’m sick without you). With the creative contribution of the Hype Production team and with Nina Zyuzina-Schartz’s acting talent, a touching love story came to life, proving that strong childhood friendships can develop into everlasting love. 
In July, Dima also attended the New Wave Festival 2014, appearing twice on the Jurmala stage. The first time, he sang Ne Otrekayutsa Lyubya (Don’t give up loving), during the creative evening dedicated to the national icon Alla Pugacheva. He also sang his latest song, I’m sick without you, during the closing ceremony, taking the audience on a journey of true love and hope. 
In early August, Dima spoke during the anniversary concert dedicated to the world famous exhibitions hosted by the VDNKH (Moscow Exhibition Centre), which celebrated its 75th anniversary. 
One of Dima’s major achievements this year was being named the most famous singer of the Russian speaking world of the last decade. According to the study undertaken, Dima’s songs were aired 5,585,422 times on different radio stations during the past ten years. The top five most famous Russian artists of the decade are: 
1. Dima Bilan
2. Julia Savicheva
3. Vintage
4. Nyusha
5. Valeria
Dima is safely in the lead though with his music being played many more times than the others, which is a record in itself. The beginning of autumn coincided with the start of the 3rd season of the Russion Voice, part of one of the most viewed show franchises in the world. Together with the old guard, Dima resumed his role as a thoughtful and creative coach.
The 2nd awards ceremony Music Box - 2014 took place later in November and Dima didn’t leave empty handed as he got a prize in the Best Singer category.
On the 21st of November Dima released his new song Ty kak Vremea (You’re like Time) during the Vechernii Urgant show on Channel 1. As a guest of the show, Dima gave the public a taste of his new style of musical interpretation and this was very warmly welcomed by the audience.
November was a very busy month for Dima as the 27th marked the date of his long-awaited concert 33 in the Crocus City Hall. Fans, friends and fellow artists alike attended the recital to celebrate Dima’s upcoming birthday. It’s not for nothing that 33 is called the golden age – it’s a milestone in every person’s life, a point when you count your blessings, think of where you got and set yourself new goals. This magnificent concert became a symbol and a reminder of this occasion. The hall was filled to capacity. You could hardly move, that’s how many people turned up, but they were all rewarded for their efforts as Dima gave an incredible performance. The public’s favorite hits were sang alongside new ones, great duets were performed and fan-led flash mobs made the evening an absolute delight not just for the audience, but for Dima as well. Just to give an idea of the star-studded following that the concert had, here’s a short list of the famous people in the audience: Yana Rudkovskaya with Evgenyi Plushenko, Ksenia Borodina with her daughter, Viktoria Krutaya with husband David Berkovich, Katya Lel and others. Guest of honour for the night was, however, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. She kept a close eye on the evening’s proceedings and personally congratulating Dima on his excellent performance.
At the Golden Gramophone music awards that took place at the end of November, Dima picked up another trophy for his song Malish  (Little Darling). Looking back, this has been a very productive and busy autumn for Dima: he recorded new songs, prepared for the release of Alien24, has been an integral part of the Voice, did many gigs and continued the shooting for the film Muzika vo Ldu. When director Yuryi Vasiliev was asked how Dima did in this new task, he answered that: ‘He didn’t just get by: he excelled at it! He fights himself with the stuntmen and is now pretty convincing with a saber. He shunned the VIP trailer and got ready and ate together with everyone else. He would sit on the grass and listen to music to get into character. If we needed him to step into a pit full of dirt, he would do so and wait patiently until the cameraman was ready to film. Anyone else would have asked for a dummy or double to be sent in his place, but not Dima, he braved through it! Yes, I suppose we are creating an ideal hero and are not afraid of falling into the trap of being overemotional. Bilan and Sveta Ivanova – these are real heroes. As a rule I try to fall in love with my actors. I don’t think it could work otherwise. I guess I could say that Dima and I became friends.’
The 9th of December saw the long awaited premiere of the first Alien24 album. The album was the result of a close collaboration between Dima and the sound producer Andrei Chorniy, the latter having worked on Dima’s a tracks for the past few years and being well-known for his professionalism and high musical standards. 10 out of a total of 13 songs on the album are in English. The album was enthusiastically received by both fans and critics, who appreciated its mix of harmony and energetic beats. Dima himself sees the Alien24 project as an opportunity to explore the infinity of thought and space, and to express them through the freedom of music. The project also reveals another side to Dima – that of a music writer. As mentioned by Dima himself, he ceaselessly wrote the music for the album. From its release, the album really took hold of the charts, landing 1st place in the iTunes pop section, and 2nd place overall. Moreover, on the 22nd of December fans got another surprise – an Alien24 music video for ‘Wally’ resembling a highly imaginative alien invasion. 
As 2014 drew to a close, Dima appeared in a video for the song ‘Kogda rastaet lied’  (‘When the ice melts’), thus supporting his good friend and figure skating legend, Evgeni Plushenko.  The song represents the grand finale of Evgeni’s unique show on ice, ‘Snow King.’
On December 26, viewers tuned in on Channel One for the final of one of the most popular television shows around the world – ‘The Voice’ (Russian edition).  Dima has been a coach on the show for the past three seasons. The finalist coached and mentored by Dima, Aleksandr Bon, came third, but really impressed the public, becoming one of the musical rising stars of the moment. 
Dima managed to bag another prestigious award on the 28th of December – the ‘Golden Gramophone’ for his song  ‘Malysh’ (‘Little Darling.’)
On New Year’s Eve, Dima delighted viewers with numerous appearances on the main television channels. He performed both duets (with Alexandra Belyakova, Lime Vajkule, The Buranovskie babushki, Grigoriy Leps and Valery Meladze) and solo acts (one of them including a transformation into George Michael, followed by a beautiful rendition of ‘Last Christmas’).