2015 - Clip "Chasy" new Eau de Toilette Excite Force, Total Dictation

Dima took a break in January, to spend time with friends and family, and to travel to the US and Germany. However, in early February he got back to work, and on the 7th of February he went to Sochi with his mentees from ‘The Voice.’ They sang together the Olympic hymn, marking the one year anniversary of the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games 2014. Dima also flew to Crimea to shoot the music video for his song ‘Chasy’ (‘Ticking Time’).
It is by now a tradition to associate Valentine’s Day (14th of February) with the Big Love Show, watched by more than 20 million people. The Alien24 project made its first appearance at the event, receiving great feedback from the public. 
In late February, the ZD Music Awards were organised at the Kremlin, marking the 40th anniversary of the country’s oldest pop-rock publication – ‘Zvukovaya dorozhka (‘Sound Track’)/ ‘MK.’ Dima was the winner of the concerts category, for his ‘33’ concert, organised on the 27th of November 2014, at the Crocus City Hall. He also set a new record for the highest number of nominations (4) in the on-line poll organised my ‘MK,’ gathering responses from more than 120.000 readers.  
March saw the release of a new music video, for the song ‘Chasy’ (‘Ticking Time’), which shows the heart breaking story of two twins separated by their feelings for the same woman. For the third time now, the love interest is played by Julia Sarkisova. The video was directed by Alexey Golubev, with camera work by Sergey Dyshuk.
2015 marked the 60th anniversary of the international song contest ‘Eurovision’. To mark the occasion Dima was a guest of honour in the BBC’s show ‘Eurovision’s Greatest Hits’ in London on March 31st. He performed a medley of both of his songs that have seen him conquer the hearts of viewers across Europe: ‘Never Let You Go’ (2006 entry) and ‘Believe’ (winner of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest). 
Throughout spring, Dima continued touring in various Russian cities.
On April 8th Dima was once again in the spotlight, this time as a model. He strutted down the catwalk in an elegant Armani suit. His look was completed by a stylish purse. Judging by the reaction of his many fans and the uproar it created on social media, his look was impeccable.
The final of ‘Voice Kids’ took place later that month on April 17th and just as last year it was the viewers who decided the winner. Dima’s protégée, the charming Evdokya Maleskaya, was the runner-up of the competition.
The next day people across Russia and abroad participated in the contest ‘Total Dictation’. Over 60 countries became involved in the medium difficulty category. This year’s theme was Pre-revolutionary Russia. In the span of an hour all participants had the opportunity to test their literacy skills through writing by dictation. The dictation itself was done by famous writers, pop stars and TV presenters who read out passages of the book ‘Magic Lantern’ by Eugene Vodolazkin. All readers took their task very seriously. The contest itself has been around for 12 years now thanks to an initiative of researchers from Novosibirsk and year after year it attracts a bigger following. Dima was one of this year’s readers alongside the Chairman of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin, presenter Vladimir Pozner and many others.
In the late evening of May 3rd Channel 1 broadcasted Dima’s concert ‘33’ that took place back in November in Crocus Hall. The concert also featured contestants from all three seasons of the Russian ‘Voice’ with Margarita Pozoyan Julia Tereshchenko, Andrey Tsvetkov, Alexandra Belyakova, Alexander Bon, Ksana Sergienko, Simona da Silva, Yegor Sesarev all making an appearance.
On the 70th anniversary of Victory Day, Dima was one of the singers in the celebration concert that aired on Channel 1 as he performed the classic Russian hit ‘Smugleanka’. 
May was also the month when Dima debuted his song ‘Ne molchi’ (‘Say something’) that instantly became a hit with the public.  


On May 26th Dima launched Oriflame’s new Eau de Toilette Excite Force inspired by the force of the elements. ‘Can’t wait to share some great news with you! My new fragrance Excite Force by Oriflame will be out soon! This is a continuation of the collaboration for my first Excite which has been a sales hit for the past 6 years.’ announced the singer on his Instagram account.
The 5th of June saw MUZ-TV take centre stage with its ‘Gravity’ award ceremony. Dima was nominated for four different categories: best performer, best live show (“33” at Crocus City Hall), best song in a foreign language (Alien24 – “Wally”) and best music video by a male performer (“Bolen Toboy” (“I’m sick without you.”) He got two prizes, one for the best show, and another for best song in a foreign language, setting a new record in MUZ-TV history with 13 prizes in 14 years. And at the ceremony in Astana, the singer suffered an injury during the numerous rehearsals for his famous song “Chasy” (“Clocks.”) As he had a fantastic set prepared for the song, some of the props became hazardous. Dima was supposed to sing upside down whilst hanging from the ceiling. Despite the fact that he rehearsed the move numerous times, some things were unpredictable and he had to receive pain relief treatment. 35.000 people cheered for Dima, and his amazing show without knowing that he was doing all of this while in immense pain. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that the weather conditions significantly affected the roof of the arena. Part of the props were flooded, including some of Dima’s props. After the performance, Dima shared his emotions, mentioning that the event could have been life threatening because of the outside conditions, and that he had to go through tremendous pain in his legs and upper body. However, the set looked incredible and it was definitely all worth it in the end. 
June the 12th marked the Russian national day, with celebrations in the Red Square, which saw performances from the crème de la crème of Russian entertainment. Dima was honoured to perform the national anthem with fellow artists Pelageya, Leps, Rosenbaum, Leshchenko and P'eha. He also had a duet with Larisa Dolina, singing together  «Opustela bez tebya zemlya” (“The land is empty without you.”)Mid-July saw the filming of the music video for the song “Ne molchi” (“Don’t be silent,”) which already topped many charts and became a hit with the fans. One of the main points of interest of the new video is the appearance of the famous supermodel, Natalia Vodianova, the founder of the “Naked hearts” charity. Natalia spent a day in Russia, specially for the filming of the video. The video was directed by Alexei Golubev, who also directed Polina Gagarina’s video for her 2015 runner-up Eurovision entry. He was awarded the director of the year prize by RU.TV. In mid-summer, Dima visited Futuropolis, recreated for the seventh Midsummer Night’s Dream Festival. On the shores of the Ostankino lake, an alien, futuristic city materialised during the magical time of dusk. Seventies science fiction, mixed with A Midsummer Night’s Dream were the background to the main performance, ‘The Birth of the Golden Colossus.’ All the participants donned extravagant outfits; Dima was joined by a plethora of stars, among which Anna Chipovskaya, Dasha Veledeeva, Olga Sviblova, Vasily Tsereteli, Konstantin Kryukov and Katya Dobryakova.Also during the summer, an Austrian publishing house released a book to mark the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest – “Eurovision-Friede, Freude, Quotenbringer #60JahreSongcontest,” featuring an extended interview with Dima on pages 116 – 118.
On the 4th of September, fans were able to pre-order on iTunes the artist’s new album, “Ne molchi” (“Don’t be silent.”) Initially, the album had “33,” Dima’s age, as a working title. It can be seen as a reflection of Dima’s new creative path, with a surprising array of songs, that became great hits in no time: “Malysh” (“Little darling,”) “Ty kak vremya” (“You’re like time”) alongside the new “Don’t be silent” and more playful songs like “Teleport,” “Lubi menya” (“Love me,”) “Golos tishiny” (“The Voice of Silence”) and “Labyrinths.” These songs were the labour of two years, the album including collaborations with old friends and new partners. The fans got the pleasant surprise of listening to some of Dima’s own songs. 
On the 5th of September, Dima joined Moscovites to celebrate the Day of the City in Lubyanka Square. After the concert, he shared his thoughts of living in the capital. The artist remembered arriving to Moscow 17 years ago, and the manner in which he fell in love with it over the years. The most recent developments to urban infrastructure were also mentioned, encouraging a rediscovery of the city. 
The premiere of the “Ne molchi” (“Don’t be silent”) video took place on the 11th of September, drawing public attention to the situation of children with disabilities. The idea to turn the video into a socially meaningful story belonged to Natalia Vodianova, and the main role was played by Nika, a little girl with Down syndrome. ”Don’t be silent” are important words when talking about children with disabilities and their families, said Natalia. Mothers are often on their own and the children are isolated from society, not in school, not joining the others outside, or in the playground. She added: “It’s a very personal story for me, as I know what it means to have a child with disabilities in the family. I witnessed many sad stories and now I try to do as much as I can to reverse the situation.”Alex Golubev, the video director, mentioned: “I thought the shooting would be emotionally draining, but thanks to our heroine, it was the exact opposite; initially I didn’t know how to communicate with her, but once I looked into my heart, it all became easy. I spoke to Nika like to any other child, and it worked perfectly.”Mila, Nika’s mother, added: “The shooting made me so proud of Nika, as there weren’t too many positive examples available to us when she was born. We were afraid of not being accepted by society and even considered giving her up. However, I soon realised that separation from my own child would be unbearable. I hope our story will help other parents to believe in the best outcome.” Dima also shared his impressions of the shooting: “I am very proud we were able to play an active part in this story. The plot is common, drawn from real life. It is a story about the most important things, about love for people and those around you, including people with special needs.” Dima was joined for his rendition of the song by the Children’s Choir and the song and dance “Don’t be silent” became public favourites and a firm part of Dima’s shows. Although his time is very limited, he is also trying to help the “Naked hearts” foundation as much as he can, having joined the charity for a roundtable on the 13th of October.
On the 25th of September, hundreds of people from around the world, from Hong Kong to Moscow to New York, took part in a reading of Chekhov’s work, on the world’s biggest stage – the world wide web. The event, known as “Chekhov is alive,” marked the 155th anniversary of the writer’s birth. The project ran from noon (Moscow time,) till late into the night, with literature lovers reading passages from his short stories, plays, letters and diaries. The readings were attended by a plethora of known people, among which: the artistic director of the Moscow Art Theatre - AP  Chekhov, Oleg Tabakov, the General Director of “Channel One,” Konstantin Ernst; actors Sergei Bezrukov, Igor Vernick, Irina Miroshnichenko, Marina Zudina, Yuri Stoyanov, Alice Grebenshchikova; figure skater Irina Slutskaya and opera singer Maria Maksakova. Dima joined the project, reading a passage from “Late Flowers,” from one of the most prestigious venues of the event, the stage of the Chekov Moscow Art Theatre.
On the 2nd of October, Dima’s new album was released in iTunes, quickly topping the sales charts. The album is versatile and autobiographical in places, reflecting Dima’s work over 2 years. When speaking about the album he mentioned: “The album was written on a whim, being a sample of a new tone. I enjoy the mix of styles, with “Ty kak vremya” (“You’re like time”) being closer to a dramatic, pop rock sound. I wrote the song “Teleport” two years ago, in Thailand, I didn’t sleep all night, the song being autobiographical in parts. There are also songs I wrote in about 30 minutes, for example “Labyrinthy” (“Labyrinths”) (I just fell in love with its despair. The song is full of drama that I’d rather just not shout out loud about, but whisper). For other songs, on the contrary, we worked for a long time, for example “Don’t be silent.” Thank you all for believing in me as I wanted to introduce new sounds and a new look to the album (like the instrumental parts of “Lyubi menya” (“Love me.”) The songs on the album are all different, but they all have a lot of work and effort invested in them. Some are full of drama, others are a bit more lyrical, or full of contradictions, and some are even a bit childish. I hope you will love this album as much as I do.
In October, Dima took part in the international song contest, “New Wave,” which this year moved from Yurmala to Sochi. Dima was a guest of honour performing “Rasskazhite, ptitsy” (“Tell the birds”) in a duet with one of the contestant, Camilla Ismailova. Also during the festival, Dima performed with the Igor Krutoy’s Children’s Academy and the Yana Rudkovskaya’s Stars Academy. During the final song, they were joined on stage by the top model Natalia Vodianova (the founder of the “Naked hearts” charity) and by Nika (the protagonist of the “Don’t be silent” video). Their speech, about children with disabilities touched every soul, and the audience gave them a long standing ovation.The same evening in Sochi, an auction was organised in support of the “Naked hearts” charity, aiming to raise funds for the development of a support system for the families of children with disabilities, and for the construction of inclusive parks and playgrounds. As part of the auction, people could get involved with Dima’s next video or receive a figure skating lesson from Evgeny Plushenko. The auction, attended by many Russian stars, managed to raise $726.000, and the evening ended with a concert by Dima.

On the 17th of November, at the Crocus City Hall, Dima organised a great solo concert, “Na bis” (“Encore.”) A year passed since Dima had a full house in Moscow with the concert marking his 33rd birthday. The fans were given a new opportunity to watch this performance again. Andrei Boltenko (chief director of Channel One, with important contributions to the Moscow edition of the Eurovision, and the Sochi Olympics), arguably Russia’s best producer, was in charge of the visual component that included innovative 3D imagery. The concert had a full house once again, enchanting the audiences with old and new hits, duets with “The Voice” contestants, dances and acrobatics. The public celebrated Dima with three flash-mobs. The last one with little planes was breath-taking and everyone present was touched. VIP guests included Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Yana Rudkovskaya and  Evgeni Plushenko.The new additions included the premiere of “Labyrinths” from the new album, and the hit “Don’t be silent” alongside its dance, which had by then become well known. Dima was joined once again by the children from the Stars Academy, continuing to pass on their important social message. The concert remains a proof of passion, emotion and desire to improvise and improve. Singer Alsou, who attended the concert remarked the following: “He sang and worked to the fullest 30 songs in one breath! Better said, he lived through them and delivered them with emotion, honesty and from the heart! Dima, thank you for the uplifting show, for being an inspiration and for never ceasing to amaze me. Thank you for being true and awesome! Your fan, Alsou!”
Translation, adaptation and editing volunteered by Daniela Cobiltean and Sandra Daroczi (for suggestions and comments please contact dc.sd.translations@gmail.com)