2016 - Summer-autumn: Olympic Torch in Rio, The Voice-5, , clip , animated movie Trolls, concert 35. , (The heritage of love) open movie of Russian Film Week in London

In the early summer at The Central State Concert Hall (Luzhniki), a charity Festival of callisthenics, "Alina“, took place.  For the eighth time, the organiser, Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva brought to Moscow young starlets showing a great deal of promise in the sport. More than five thousand people, including gymnasts from the Russian National Team took part in the Festival. Among the audience in the Hall (to whom, by the way, tickets were distributed for free) were residents of children's homes and children with disabilities. Alina promised that it would be a major concert with the participation of the top stars of show business. The surprise was a real success, the cast of star participants was impressive: Dima Bilan, Gregory Leps, Valeria and other popular artists came on to the stage. Also, Philip Kirkorov brought his children to the show.
10 June 2016. The annual Muz-TV award ceremony took place. Dima Bilan, in traditional form, was one of the Heroes of the Awards, having won in the nominations for "Best album" " " (Don’t Be Silent) and "Best video" clip " " (Don’t Be Silent). Receiving the Prize for the video, Dima came on stage with Nika, the little heroine of the video clip, and gave a very touching speech. The live performance of the song " " (Don’t Be Silent) also made a great impression on the audience, the number came across beautiful, haunting and spectacular.
And yet another small triumph - after only a month following the premier, Dima Bilan’s video “” (Inseparable) passed the 1 000 000 views threshold on YouTube!
28 June 2016. The principal vocal project in the land, «. » (The Voice. Kids), in which Dima Bilan appears to be the permanent coach, won a TEFI (National Russian Television) award for 2016 in the category of "Light entertainment".
In July, the Forbes List for 2016 was published. It included major Russian celebrities. Dima Bilan was placed 13th in the top 20 of domestic (Russian) stars, in relation to the level of earnings, ahead of Nikolai Baskov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Ksenia Sobchak, Valery Meladze, Elena Vaenga, Sergey Bezrukov, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Oleg Tabakov, Konstantin Khabenski and others.
July 22, 2016. At the forum for strategic initiatives in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was being given a demonstration of a robot created in the image of Alexander Pushkin. By a happy coincidence, "the great poet" performed one of his most popular works " ” (I remember a Wonderful Moment) with the voice of Dima Bilan! A recording from the television show « » (Phantom Of  The Opera)," in which Dima took part with great distinction a few years ago was used.
28 July 2016. "Snob" magazine published the “long-list” of its project "Made in Russia-2016"; Dima Bilan received a nomination for best actor in respect of his role in the film "“ (The Heritage Of Love), on a par in terms of talent and skill, with such stars of the world of acting as Konstantin Khabensky and Vladimir Mashkov.
In late July Dima Bilan, together with his show business colleague and «» (The Voice) co-coach, singer Polina Gagarina, participated in the Olympic Torch Relay in Rio. They carried the burning torch through the vicinity of the settlement Villa Constantia, which is in the Brazilian municipality of Guapimirim. Dima passed the baton to Polina. You will remember that the 31st Olympic Games took place between 5th and 21st August and became the first Olympic Games organized in South America. The Russian torchbearers were invited by the sponsors of the relay Coca-Cola. "It was a great honour for me to be a member of the OlympicTorch Relay," said Dima Bilan. "I am grateful to Coca-Cola for the unique privilege of attending here in Rio, and representing the highest ideals that unite all of mankind; mutual respect, friendship and equality. I feel like a part of the Olympic movement, which strives for peace and harmony through sport. Each Olympic Games is a unique event for our planet. These are the days when we can all feel that we are a big united family, forgetting about all the barriers that divide us."
In August, the popular group Gradusy, having disbanded a few years ago, once again joined forces to introduce new product to their fans; the track " 100" (Degree 100) and the accompanying video clip. Yana Rudkovskaya and Dima Bilan helped the group to reform and they also produced them. Not only did members of the group star in the video clip, but their friends and colleagues including Polina Gagarina, Lena Temnikova, Sasha Spielberg and others also participated. Naturally, the shot did not proceed without Rudkovskaya and Bilan.
26 August 2016. Yuri Aksyuta announced the new team for season 5 of the television show “The Voice”: it comprised Dima Bilan, Leonid Agutin, Grigoriy Leps and Polina Gagarina. Viewers and fans of Dima Bilan embraced the news with delight. Dima distinguished himself in the show as a wise, understanding and musically sensitive mentor, who adopted an individual approach to each of his mentees.
In September Dima Bilan took part in the shooting of a short film for his colleague and friend, the singer Nyusha. She was preparing a series of short films for an upcoming concert show "9 Lives". Starring in one of the short films was Dima, who was accompanied by Nyusha's grandfather. Dima wrote in his Instagram the following: "Nyusha, I was delighted to be in your philosophical film, you know how I love all these things! I very much like your approach to everything! You're an incredible hard worker - thanks for that! I have a feeling the show will be a wow. Power to you for comprehending new heights!"
4 September 2016. In Sochi, the international music competition New Wave 2016" commenced. Dima Bilan's performance in the competition has traditionally been the Headline Event. A spectacular high tech rendition of the hit "" (Inseparable) showed what could be expected from the forthcoming solo concert in Crocus City Hall on 15 and 16 November. Also, one of the most striking and memorable moments of "New Wave" was the appearance of Dima Bilan and the winner of the third season of the show "The Voice. Kids," 14-year-old Danil Pluzhnikov. Mentor and mentee from that show sang the song "Mama" at Oleg Gazmanov’s recital evening. The song was performed so touchingly that the audience could not hold back tears, and at the end of the performance they stood up and applauded for a long time. Aficionados in an Instagram video commented thus: "Touching, sincere and heartfelt to the n'th degree. Especially mindful of the relationship of these artists to their mothers.” "How warm and touching!" "The bearing of the soul. A wonderful Duet! Buckets of tears.” "The most moving song of the evening.” “Goose bumps.” Danil Pluzhnikov, we understand, was born in Adler. When he was 10 months old, he stopped growing and gaining weight. Doctors made a bleak diagnosis: the child had spondyloepiphysial dysplasia of the upper and lower extremities (a complex systemic disease of the bones). The talented young lad won the hearts of millions of viewers on the TV show "The Voice kids" thanks to his sincerity, musicianship and natural goodness.
11 September in the Green Theatre, Nalchik a charity concert "Peace" took place. It was attended by Russian pop stars, born in the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic and among them of course was Dima Bilan. The Press Service of the State Committee of Kabardino-Balkaria announced that the money raised from the concert would go towards the development and equipping of the republic's children's homes "Namys" and "The House of The Little One”. This was the initiative of Sati Kazanova, who for several years, has combined her music career with work on the Charity Fund "Culture and Life". More than 2,500 people enjoyed the music of their favourite performers while supporting a good cause at the same time. The real treat for those present was the performance by Dima Bilan. “ " (I Simply Love You), " " (On The Bank Of The Sky), " , " (Don’t Repudiate Love) – songs which compelled many spectators to leave their seats to get closer to the stage. The concert lasted more than three hours and the enthusiastic audience did not want their favourite artists to leave. They gave them an endless torrent of applause together with bouquets of flowers. According to the Foundation, which organised the event, more than 1 million roubles was collected. Dima sharing his impressions after his visit to his beloved homeland said, "I fly away with the feeling that to remember, feel deeply, and reflect adequately, it takes time. I want to come to see my friends and dear teachers off camera, but I can only afford time for a business trip and a performance because there is no time for anything else! I want to manage to do everything and feel deeply! I didn't manage to do everything. Hopefully, I will go back this year!”
Also in September, the regular annual auction organised by Natalia Vodianova’s "Naked hearts" Foundation was held. The supermodel gathered guests at an old private residence on Volkhonka, to replenish the coffers of the Fund, the object of which is to contribute to the healthcare of children with special needs. At the auction, which had the theme "Do as I Do", was Spanish actor Antonio Banderas. An Ambassador of the evening, he introduced his own lot. Antonio stated that he was not participating in the Russian model’s campaign for the sake of his image or popularity. Kseniya Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan were chosen as auction presenters. 
Eleven lots were listed, each of which was curated by one or another star. For example, the lot called "Universal soldier" represented a training session with Yevgeny Plushenko and the figure skating master-class. There were also other lots including a trip on the metro with Renata Litvinova, tea drinking in Paris with Natalia Vodianova in the style of "Alice in Wonderland", a photoshoot from designer Ulyana Sergeyenko, a game of basketball with Andrei Kirilenko, a rendezvous with Antonio Banderas, breakfast with Yana Rudkovskaya and, Filip Kirkorov who promised to tell a story and sing a lullaby to your children. Dima Bilan curated a lot called "The Father Frost of your dreams" in respect of which, he gave a commitment to come and visit your house at New Year dressed as Father Frost, do a song and dance around the fir tree with the children and sing New Year songs. Natalia Vodianova announced that in one evening they managed to collect 805,000 dollars to go towards the needs of seriously ill children.
29 September 2016 was the premiere of the video clip of the song " " (In Your Head). The author of the concept and producer was Leonid Kolosovski. In the new video the team MOZGI Production immersed the audience in a world of absolute fantasy. The producer said, “First and foremost, we wanted to look at Dima Bilan a little differently and make it unusual for the viewer. For me he has always been an emotional and jovial artist.”
Irina Gorovaya, the producer of MOZGI Production, said the following: "Dima has had dramatic roles in many music videos, so in this video we wanted to get out of the usual comfort zone and show new facets of his talent and character.”
Dima Bilan himself said of the work: "I had a desire to recollect myself, the “night hooligan", look at romanticism in a light and positive aspect. MOZGI Production turned out to be the team which found a fresh but stylish way to tap that lunatic aspect which has always resided in me looking for a creative outlet. It was fun to collaborate! I think the public will be interested to see the result.
Phantasmagoria is a genre that does leave anyone on a film set untouched. The entire film crew was absorbed with the process for 28 hours. The actors worked without sleep or rest for more than 24 hours, the entire team being really stimulated and having a good laugh at the same time. Well thought out rhythmic effects, editing and dynamic passages emphasized and enlivened the song, making the clip more interesting,” The producer said upon completion of filming "It was a wonderful experience, very creative work and good team working. Even at the discussion stage and while reworking the scenario we all spoke the same language, understood each other and wanted to achieve something incredible. And we succeeded! ".
27 October 2016. The new animated comedy from the creators of "Shrek" called «» (Trolls) went on Russian release. The charming trolls with multicoloured manes and positive temperaments became instant heroes. The actors in the original cinema scoring were Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, who also produced the music. In the Russian version of Trolls the characters’ voices were done by Dima Bilan and Victoria Dayneko. For both these artists this was not their first experience of cinema scoring cartoons. The artists came to the Holy of Holies of Hollywood animation, Steven Spielberg's company, Dream Works for the project. "My hero (Branch) is the most unusual troll on earth” said Dima. “He is focussed on himself and believes in the imminent end of the world. It is difficult to cheer him up and get a hug - he is simply impossible! In that way, he and I are similar. My hero fully corresponds with my inner world, off the stage. It is the spitting image of me. I think they researched our characteristics from our personal biographies before the part was confirmed. I really enjoyed working on this part because my hero undergoes the most dramatic change.”
After a few days spent in Hollywood, the Russian "trolls" became acquainted not only with their American colleagues Timberlake and Kendrick, but also with the western way of working.
“I met Justin and worked with him eight years ago, at a concert in Los Angeles by rapper Timberland,” recollects Dima. “I remember that evening well because in the VIP area, I accidentally knocked several bottles of champagne off the table - everyone reminds me of this. The four of us got on well together. It is a shame that the time was short and it all went on work: everyone was focused on success.” And expectations were justified: upon Russian release, the picture demonstrated excellent box office receipts!
As is well known, preparation for the New Year celebrations begins again in the autumn. In collaboration with the Coca-Cola company, Dima Bilan recorded the well-known new year hit " " (The Holliday is Coming To Us), which undoubtedly will delight us on the lead up to the most enchanting holiday, beloved since childhood.
9 November 2016. In Veliky Novgorod, the tenth all-Russia Festival of historical films "" was concluded. There were approximately two hundred performances in the region’s cinemas within the framework of the Festival. In the cinema "Rossiya" alone, during these 5 days of historical movies, more than 3,500 citizens of Veliky Novgorod came to the screenings. Nine feature films were entered for the cinema competition, there was the same number of nominations. The best ones were chosen by a jury of distinguished cinematographers and residents of Veliky Novgorod. The victory in the category "Best Debut" was won by Dima Bilan for his leading role in the film "“ (The Heritage Of Love). The prize, the Millennium Bell of Russia was presented to the actor in Moscow.
In honour of the 35th Birthday of Dima Bilan, on 15 and 16 November in Crocus City Hall there were two major sold out concerts by the artist, “35 " (35 Inseparable), which were produced by Alexei Golubev. Dima included the brightest hits from all the years of his career in the concert program, the innovative light show and unusual arrangement of songs gave him a new emotional charge. On stage, together with Bilan appeared his mentees from "The Voice. Kids" Danil Pluzhnikov, Yaroslava Dehtyarova, Maria Panjukova and Alexandr Filin, skaters, acrobats, dancers, Nika, the heroine of the campaign clip “ ” (Don’t Be Silent) and children from the Academy of Stars. The Catwalk of Socialite Heroines was a special part of the program — Elena Perminova, Ksenia Suhinova, Polina Kitsenko, Natalia Jakimchik, Snjezana Georgieva and Ekaterina Mukhina, strutted across the stage in spectacular costumes. In addition, star guests included Alla Pugacheva (in honour of whom Dima performed the song " "), Igor Krutoy, Yana Rudkovskaya, Evgenniy Plushenko, Polina Gagarina, Katy Topuria, Marina and Galina Udashkins, Alla Verber, Igor Gulyaev, Evgeni Finkelstein and others. The artist’s concert marked a new stage in his creative work and was deserving of the highest evaluation both from the public and music critics.
Dima himself shared his feelings about the show in this way: "You are my air at this stage of my life! You are my motivation, it was ever so! And only with such devotees as you, can I afford the luxury of occasionally feeling as one with the whole planet! I can run a risk and step into the very depths of myself and into meditations such as solitude and seclusion, in the knowledge that you wait and love.
26 November 2016. In Kazan the Lot Drawing Ceremony for the Confederations Cup took place. Dima Bilan and Polina Gagarina appeared in the show before the ceremony. They performed the song " " (This Town) made famous by the group "Bravo". Also appearing with them was the winner of the season 1 of the "The Voice" - Dina Garipova.
28 November 2016. The press conference in respect of Russian Film Week in London, took place in Dom Kino (Moscow). Dima Bilan, promoting the movie "The Heritage Of Love", took part in this event  along with statesman Michail Svydkoy, filmmaker Alexey Uchitel and other eminent cultural figures.
30 November 2016.  The premiere of the movie "The Heritage of Love" starring Dima Bilan, took place in London in the historic Regent Street Cinema, Regent Street, London. "The Heritage of Love" had the honour of being the opening movie of Russian Film Week, which was held in the UK capital from November 30th to December 4th. Dima Bilan was the guest of honour at the festival. He attended the premiere of "The Heritage of Love ", gave numerous interviews to the British press, met with the audience and also performed for guests at the Russian Film Week opening party at the Maddox Club. Shortly after this the movie was released in Britain.