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Dima Bilan’s Bio for Winter and Spring 2017.

December 2016. At the iconic music prizegiving events of the past year, Dima Bilan earned the following awards:

    (Novoye Radio’s Major League Award) for the song «» (Inseparable);

    (Russkoe Radio’s Golden Gramophone Award) for the song «» (Inseparable);

    (Song of the Year Festival) The award was for the song «» (Inseparable); and

    The Russian National Music Award for Best Male Singer.

The music performances of Dima Bilan have become a real feather in the cap at these awards, his undisputed hit of the year «» (Inseparable) received a vivid and innovative stage incarnation which will forever remain in the hearts of the audience.

In December, Dima took part in the filming of the New Year clip «» (The Nutcracker) in his friend Evgeniy Plushenko’s ice show of the same name. The clip which was directed by Alexei Golubev turned out to be enchanting as well as very good. Taking part in it were students of the Academy of Stars, together with the son of Evgeniy Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya, Sasha Plushenko, who was the little star of the show.

There was fierce competition on the show «» (The Voice) which was broadcast live every Friday in December. This culminated in the Grand Finale where Kairat Primberdiev, the mentee of Dima Bilan took third place. Dima’s and Kairat’s duet of the song “Trouble” became the major hit of the broadcast.

On January 9, 2017 the premier of Dima Bilan’s own experimental project – « » (Monsters in your Head) took place, a theme which Dima continued to investigate: So, what exactly is there, in your head? And having decided that the clip lacked inspiration, Dima together with Nice Day Productions and the film company Vodorod, set out in search of it where it was guaranteed to be found: in the good old classic horror movie genre. Vodorod, by the way, is well known to audiences for its high quality and interesting cinema projects such as the Alexander Voitinsky film “The Phantom” and for one of the most anticipated Russian films Fedor Bondarchuk’s “Attraction”.

 "We have been working with Director Anton Rodin for some time, and when he came to us with this project, we thought it would be interesting to shoot this story, especially because to combine the genre of mysticism with a music video of one of Russia’s most famous artists is most certainly not a straightforward task," says Vodorod’s executive producer Mikhail Kitaev. The plot of the videoclip is set in an old deserted mansion, in which we find the heroine of a clip. She was played by actress Alina Polyakova who fitted the role perfectly and fully satisfied the objectives set by the Director. Passing through the mansion, the girl falls into memories, encountering on the way the "monsters" which escape from her mind. The hero, Dima Bilan is also in the house but his own path was prepared for him in the labyrinths of memories and fears.

Operator Valery Mahmudov coped perfectly with the work. The footage is uncharacteristically long for a video clip, solidly penetrating the subconscious, the picture is poetically faded. It all works extremely well in an atmosphere which is packed with suspense. Terrifying but at the same time one is very curious as to what will happen next and it is impossible to tear oneself away from the screen. But the actual song definitively makes an impression on the audience. I would like to say, "the soundtrack" (music: Anton Shaplin, lyrics: Sonia Sneschnaya) eerily elegant and restrained, sounds forth in accordance with rules dictated to it by the monsters, unexpectedly interrupted by strange sounds, grating noises, voices ...

It was very difficult to choose the right place for the film shoot and in the end, the film crew opted for the country estate of Znamenskoe-Sadki, because it was suitable for the filming of both the exterior and interior scenes. It is worth noting the excellent work of the artistic group, which was headed by artistic-producers Daria Edakova and Sergey Ionov. In just one day they managed to build some extensive and complex scenery and prepare the estate for the filming. For one of the scenes around 1.5 tons of books were procured which the artists made careful use of for scenery. The make-up artists also had to be somewhat industrious as they worked with the characters. The make-up in respect of one man taking of the order of four hours.

In the clip, there are many instances and scenes which carry within themselves hidden meanings, jolt the viewer into reality and give cause for reflection. Everyone will find something for themselves after watching.

Dima Bilan: "I have long been interested in such phenomenon as synergy. I think that different genres of art should nurture each other. In this way, they may speak more and much deeper. That is why my venture here into the territory of cinema is no coincidence. I hope that my audience will appreciate that this an important experiment for me.

Director of Production of the clip Anton Rodin: "In life, we are often faced with the fact that we need to make a choice. There where we absolutely do not want to choose! But circumstances force us to. And here in front of us arises the problem of our "second I", our monster which sits in our head and in our heart! For the most part he sleeps, giving no signs of life, but as soon as we face the need to make a decision that may affect our future life, that monster awakes! He takes us through into the past and reveals memories which we would sooner forget. He compels us to doubt the correctness of decisions and often brings us into the depths, into the labyrinth of our subconscious, the way out of which is very hard to find!  This work is dedicated to just such a monster of our consciousness which forced the heroes of the clip to look inside themselves, consider the past and make their choice - the right choice! "The clip began to intrigue the audience and started with good dynamic of views, going to the top of YouTube.

February-April 2017. In the new season of the most highly rated show on Russian TV, “.» (The Voice Kids), Dima Bilan once again became a mentor of the project. He was accompanied by new mentors Nyusha and Valery Meladze. Dima, who as of that moment became the most experienced mentor of the project - in his own way its “face", began again the selection and training of talented children. His creative pieces together with insightful and witty comments again won the hearts of viewers.

In February, Dima traditionally appeared at SC Olympisky (in Moscow) on the Big Love Show. He became the headline act of this grand concert conducted by Love Radio and his spectacular numbers were enthusiastically received by the public.

In March Dima took a leave of absence and set off for a wonderful country, which he had long wanted to visit - Iceland. This is a country of fjords, glaciers, waterfalls and sheep, where there are only 3 inhabitants per 1 Square Km, where they don’t lock their houses or cars, and in the shops people pay for their purchases themselves, without a shop assistant being present. A country of very benevolent people, a country where you feel as though you are in outer space and forget all worries. In Iceland Dima not only rested and travelled, but he also shot a video for the song «» (Oceans). For the sake of this film session, Dima underwent a very radical change of image - he shaved his head and this became the chief news item! Dima had another reason for such a step: one must enter the new year renewed, even more so 2017 it is the Year of Rooster, the Year of Dima.

In 2017 Dima Bilan became the face of a new line in Neffos smartphones. In February, he was introduced for the first time as the face of the Neffos brand to promote new products and, from March the Federal TV channels aired a clip promoting new Neffos smartphones: X1 and X1 Max, with Dima playing a major part. The basis of the creative concept is "Neffos. A New Challenge”, the idea that everything is in our hands: if you believe in success, don’t give in to obstacles and don’t rest on past achievements, you can achieve any goal. And the examples of great people — writers, artists and composers inspire us in this. The campaign was devised with the participation of the agency The Marketing Arm. The task set before the agency was to select a star who could become the face of the Neffos brand. As a result, Dima Bilan, who has proved many times that he always strives for new heights and is always ready to take on new challenges, was invited to promote the new international player in the smartphone market. And so, namely, the Neffos brand philosophy turned out to be close to his own. For the filming, the team BBDO Moscow chose a unique solution: in the video, there was almost no computer graphics, and on site they only used real light projection from the Sila Sveta company. This required considerable preparatory work, including testing and synchronizing their projections with the movements of Dima Bilan.  The realisation of such a complex project was entrusted to the Director Steve Fuller, holder of the Emmy Award for the main title design in the TV series "Mad Men," and to operator Michael Khasaya who filmed the Fedor Bondarchuk picture “Attraction”.

"We abandoned the stage image of Dima Bilan at once and developed the idea of uniting the Neffos brand values and the character of the leading actor. Our own challenge, besides developing ideas, was the non-trite presentation of history. This, of course, created a lot of difficulties in the production process, but the result was worth it,” says the Creative Director of BBDO Moscow Sergei Kozhevnikov.

"We are pleased that we succeeded in bringing in masters in their fields who worked on the creative and technical sides of the project and we are also grateful to Dima whose boundless creative potential became an integral part of the success. The resulting clip reflects the values which we believe are close to everyone who wants to achieve more, inspired in this by the example of great Russians of the past, "said Tyler Tang, the Director of Neffos in Russia. The Neffos video was broadcast not only on TV but also on nonstandard media such as the media wall on New Arbat sought out to stress the boldness of the brand.

On May 26 Dima Bilan’s clip «» (Labyrinths) was released. This song has already succeeded in gaining the appreciation of the public and the track is included on Bilan’s last album « » (Don’t be silent) and is performed by him at concerts.

The clip brings together two realities of the hero wandering in a labyrinth of complicated relationships with the women of his heart performed by beauties of fashion Xenia Lukash and Nadezhda Obolentseva (co-founders of the Intellectual Club 418) who find themselves in the clip not at all by chance. Having bought a lot to participate in the video at a charity auction of the Natalia Vodyanova Fund “Naked Hearts Foundation ", the girls were helping special needs children, so the expectations from this clip were special, and indeed there were real miracles!

Says the director of the music video Alexei Golubev: "I am grateful to this project for the opportunity of working with Leonid Kolosovski, we worked according to his script and throughout the entire process we dealt with him remotely. In my view, this is a very interesting work where the allegories of love in their various manifestations are traced back. The protagonist (i.e. Dima) is torn between two girls. You know, I am very pleased with Dima’s acting. He is a pro. I was also pleased with Nadia and Xenia, who coped perfectly with their roles. I am very grateful to Yana Rudkovskaya who participated in the detail of the creation of the clip. And, of course, thank you to Vadim Galaganov, one of the leading stylists of our country, for the stylistic creation in respect of every participant in the clip.

The film shoot took place at night in a forested area of Krylatskoye. The locals have for a long time afterwards discussed the strange sight - a huge fireball, a colourful glow and puffs of smoke - many were convinced that a real UFO had paid them a visit! Throw in a 25-meter-long train of the heroine’s dress along which, in the same way as along the labyrinth, our hero was trying to get to her, hot scenes on the bonnet of a car, a dangerous-erotic interior scene with another heroine utilising weapons - for the emotional intensity and the atmosphere of the clip left no one indifferent.

Dima Bilan: "We created this incredibly sensual video work on this popular track primarily to help children. At an auction, which was conducted in Sochi, within the framework of the New Wave Festival, a lot was drawn. Natalia Vodianova and Yana Rudkovskaya conducted the auction, and I did as well. In total, we got a work of art not only with a beautiful clip, but also with a deep content. Being in the creative process with the amazing Nadezhda Obolentseva and Xenia Lukash is a rare pleasure and we have worked for glory! And under the leadership of Alexei Golubev everything always proceeds quite fluently and easily! Style and vision fashion guru Vadim Galaganov is always at the forefront of fashion and style!

"Labyrinths" occupies a special place in my current repertoire, it is particularly close to me personally. "Thousands of mistakes strike the heart like an awl".....I believe that this work is so saturated dramatically, its imagery is so complicated and uncompromising, that extra visual enhancement here is superfluous. The clip tells the story with the help of concise, stylish images in a surreal gothic tone - I think this is an appropriate solution. But naturally the last word is for the audience!".

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya: “This clip is really special. The song had been out on the album long enough, and we thought that it would not be a single, but since everyone has grown so fond of it, the track was released as a single and people really wanted to buy a lot for this song at the "Naked Hearts” (Don’t be silent) Auction. It speaks to the fact that this song is so mystical and magical. And the clip turned out to be magical and very insightful. There are a lot of hidden intentions and designs and everyone, most likely, will see in it a sort of personal history but importantly in it were filmed very beautiful young ladies with whom Dima is friendly and who not only support Natasha’s fund but also made their own contribution, i.e. the clip has a charitable purpose and this is most agreeable. Our clip (Don’t be silent) resonated enormously. Here, obviously there is a different story, but all the same it is the symbiosis of such good sound people around it - Alexei Golubev, Nadezhda Obolentseva, Xenia Lukash, Vadim Galaganov – it seems to me that it was so much our old company, our team that it clicked unlike anything, beautiful and worthy.

Dima Bilan has not forgotten about philanthropy either: At the end of May he took part in the activities of the Fund SOS Lena Perminova and Natalia Vodianova’s Fund “Naked Hearts”. On 26 and 27 May, together with Natalia Vodianova Dima conducted the opening ceremony of the flagship H&M store on Tverskaya Street in Moscow and there also took place a performance by the singer within the framework of this event. 50% of the store's proceeds of sale for the first 3 days after its opening went towards the Funds of the Naked Hearts Foundation.

Also at the end of May, Dima took part in a charity online-project SOS organised by Elena Perminova. At the auction Dima became the most unusual lot appearing in the style of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Dressed in this manner, Dima will attend a children's celebration as the guest of the lot holder in aid of a sick child.

Translated by Michael Mindt.