2017 - Summer-autumn: MUZ TV Awards, duet with S.Lazarev , Concert MTV Unplugged, track and clip , , The Voice-6, The Heritage of love premiere on the Channel 1, concert. 35Summer - autumn

Dima Bilan Bio Summer/Autumn 2017

On June 9 2017 the 15th Annual MUZ-TV Award took place at the Olympics Sports Complex. Dima Bilan received the «Best Video» award for « » (In Your Head), and this trophy became Dima’s record 17th. The main attraction of the event was Dima’s duet with Sergey Lazarev; the premiere of the song « » (Forgive me). This soulful ballad leapt to the top of the iTunes and Google Play lists and maintained the lead for some time. This was Dima’s first collaboration with Sergey, with which they were both very pleased, expressing their thanks one to one another in their respective Instagram-accounts. The duet received wide coverage in the media and not only the Russian media. The collaboration of these two bright heroes of Eurovision attracted the attention of portals devoted to this contest, and was highly rated by foreign journalists.

In June, an acoustic concert with Dima Bilan took place in Moscow in the legendary format “MTV Unplugged”. The concert was broadcast on September 3 on the MTV channel.

Dima Bilan: «In this «Unplugged» my collective and I prepared a musical cocktail with a lot of pleasant, new musical variations which also included a cello. For me it was a long-awaited experimental playground! There were premieres of the live performances of my new tracks – «» (Ocean) and « » (Monsters in your head). Working through a concert, sitting on a chair - and this with my hyperactivity and our generally accelerated pace of life with all these even faster working gadgets - and getting just the same over the top emotions - both mine and the audience! I see that this genre is now in demand. I am grateful to MTV for this opportunity and I shall be glad to continue this cordial tradition.»

On June 16, Dima Bilan’s long awaited summer concert was held at the Volta club in Moscow to a full house. For the most part, the program comprised tracks from his last album « » (Do not be silent) but recent compositions such as «» (Ocean) and « » (Monsters in your head) were also heard. The warm democratic atmosphere of the dance floor and close contact with the artist, who gave the full 100%, left the audience with the best of impressions. One of the guests at the concert was top blogger Amiran Sardarov (« » (Khach’s Diary). He came away very pleased with it and included topics on it in reports on his YouTube channel « » (Khach’s Diary).

On June 19th the digital premiere of Dima Bilan’s dance track «» (Hold) took place. The words and music were composed by Denis Kovalsky, a longstanding creative colleague of Dima. The track immediately climbed to the top of the listings, and on June 17 rose to number 1 on iTunes. 

On June 22, the show «Ok Connected» was broadcast live. Dima Bilan delighted his admirers with frank answers to their questions, with an entertaining interactive and a live performance of his three hits. The broadcast was also repeated on the Moscow 24 channel. The video of the broadcast was posted on the social network «» (Classmates) and gained a record number of views - more than 5 million.

On September 1, a clip, filmed in Lisbon by MOZGI Production, was released for Dima Bilan’s dance hit «» (Hold). The role of the heroine was performed by Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss Russia 2007 and Miss World 2008).

«» (Hold) became a real autumn hit. The track stayed in the iTunes top 5 for a record number of weeks, made number 1 on the MUZ TV chart and garnered more than 15 million views on YouTube. «» (Hold) became the most frequently performed number at concerts.

The director of the video, Leonid Kolosovsky commented: «Three fun days! - thus you could describe the shooting of the video for Dima Bilan’s track «» (Hold). This work is special for its mood. It seems to me that I am seeing another side of Dima. I’m very impressed by his jolly disposition; this can be observed in our first work « » (In Your Head), which the audience also appreciated. The award speaks for itself - the best clip of the year according to Muz-TV 2017. All that we needed for this clip was a good attitude of mind, a willingness to work and lots of locations. That was the idea. There are songs that I want to shoot clips for without complicating anything. In the song itself there is so much drive and rhythm that it only remains for the director to emphasize this. That is what we all actually did. We danced a hundred kilometres and visited the most stylistically diverse places in order to convey the endlessness of events in the video. We were waiting upon tricks of nature: the weather near the ocean was very changeable and unpredictable, because it was like the wind, then the heat, then the cold, then the fog were haunting us. But with the companionship and cheerful atmosphere nothing was scary. The endless number of locations gave the guys the opportunity to take photos for Instagram for the year ahead. Working with Ksenia was a real pleasure. We took note of each other’s opinions and worked as one. She went with all my experiments and did not just go with them, she supported them. Dima Bilan again with his charisma inspired not only us, but also all those around us who became unintentional witnesses to the shoot. After the shoot was over, we even missed those days a little. «

Dima Bilan: «My most sincere respect to the team MOZGI Production for the ease in creating drive for us and all of you who have been waiting for this enchanting dance work. Ksenia Sukhinova charmed us all with the frame of mind she brought to the shooting, she felt the moment just as we did and would always support this. I just cannot imagine these three days without her.

And my personal respect to Lisbon: 10 years ago, I was here as the nominee of the MTV Europe music awards and I was glad to be here again:  it’s cosy here, steeped in history, and somehow in a unique way elegant, as if I had returned to the family. Apparently, in countries where handicraft predominates, in all its forms, it is always so warm and prepossessing. And this warmth was conveyed to our sunny clip.»

Ksenia Sukhinova: «This is not my first collaboration with Dima (I am to take part in his concert “Again35” in Crocus), working with him is very easy for one, fun. He energises all around him so much, – I think this is the basis of his talent as a leading artist. Plus, his incredible ability to work, against the backdrop of his endless traveling, performances and filming, it was not at all apparent that he had not slept all these days, had worked hard, and was still at the same time energising everyone. The track «» (Hold) gets into your head right away, you can listen to it forever – the desire was to convey all this in the video: lightness, drive, summer, Portugal. I was there for the first time and fascinated by the locality: stunning people, gastronomy and good climate, although there was sometimes a strong wind by the sea, and the guys were freezing. But I was lucky - I was sitting in the car at the time. We succeeded: a well-coordinated team, we shot from morning till night for three days and we saw a lot of places. The idea behind ​​the clip is motion: I am following Dima, he is following me, everything is fun and no any pathos at all»,

In early September, on « » (First Channel), the most watched TV show «» (The Voice) started its sixth season. Dima Bilan took the coach’s chair for the tenth time, becoming the show’s absolute veteran. This season was noteworthy for the fact that the «Golden Cadre» of preceptors which served «» (The Voice) for the first three seasons, namely Dima Bilan, Alexander Borisovich Gradsky, Leonid Agutin and Pelageya, occupied the red chairs.

Dima Bilan: «Everyone who studied at university or went to youth or other camps, knows what it is - the dream to get back to that very time of absolutely new sensations when the first emotions are experienced, the first events that happen in life are the youthful unrestrained feelings of a holiday. Many, who have experienced this, want to return to that time of an absolute sense of being a student and newness. I experienced similar emotions when I found out that we «graduates» were all to meet again this season as coaches. It’s like once again going into that very river into which it was impossible to go. Hence, naturally the special feeling of joy! Cool it is the very fact, that a term such as the «Golden Cadre» of coaches, appeared on «» (The Voice). This is the very rare instance where everything coincides – the public’s wishes and the wishes of all of us. It is simply that which was in the air».

In the summer, Dima Bilan performed for the first time at the star-studded music festival «» (Heat), which took place in Baku, as well as at the « » (Golden Gorge) Festival in the Crimea.

In September, the traditional international contest «New Wave» was held in Sochi. Dima Bilan became an active participant of the festival, performing at nearly all of the concerts with unforgettable, striking numbers. «» (Hold), « » (My dear Muscovites) from the repertoire of L. Utesov, « , » (For those who are in the sea) from the repertoire of the group Mashina Vremeny featuring also Timur Rodriguez and Intars Busulis, « » (Forgive me) a duet with Sergey Lazarev and « » (Usual story) from the repertoire of Filip Kirkorov.

On October 15, Dima Bilan appeared at the opening ceremony of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in the Ice Palace in Sochi. The producer of the ceremony, the name of which was «Awakening», was People’s Artist of Russia, Igor Krutoy. The theme: what are the problems of today? what is exercising the minds of young people? The most critical issues of the modern world: ecology, sustainable energy, access to education, science, the information boom and poverty. A feature of the show was that into the performances of young Russian singers were interwoven the speeches of the speakers representing each section - «those who change the modern world by their actions». Dima Bilan was given the honour of opening this interesting synthetic genre, he appeared in the first episode «Reason». In the fabric of his composition was included the speech of Artem Oganov, a world-famous Russian scientist. The young man invented a means of predicting crystal structures, which allows one to create new materials using a computer without having to spend decades on the task.

On November 5, there were two premieres on « » (First Channel). For the first time on television the feature film «» (The Heritage of Love) was shown, in which Dima played the two main roles. The film received a very warm, enthusiastic feedback from the audience. Despite the fact that this was his debut in the cinema, Dima managed to breathe life into his characters - Andrei Dolmatov an officer of the tsarist army and our contemporary Andrei Kulikov. And on that same day Dima Bilan’s concert «» (Indivisible), which took place in November 2016 in Crocus City Hall, was broadcast.

Concert «BILAN. 35 AGAIN «

On November 8, 2017 at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Dima Bilan’s Grand Concert «BILAN. 35 AGAIN», took place.

The only Eurovision winner from Russia, the leader of radio airplay rotations, the charts and music awards gave an encore, a unique show in celebration of his 35th anniversary which had been received enthusiastically by the public last year. The tickets were already sold out around two weeks before the concert. The director of the show Alexey Golubev made a world-class production with holograms, decorations, transformers and unexpected lighting solutions. But the main thing was that there were more than two hours of live singing by Dima Bilan with a team of virtuosos - musicians and dancers. There were his hot tracks of recent years, (« » (In Your Head), «» (Clocks). « » (You are Like Time)), a new interpretation of «evergreens» (« » (The Night Hooligan), « » (On the Banks of The Sky) and «» (Boom)), and «Never Let You Go» and «Believe», which brought Dima fame as the Hero of Eurovision, and a multitude of other brilliant numbers. But that was not yet all: four premiere tracks were prepared especially for the show! Performed for the first time were «, » (Girl, Do Not Cry) from the new album «» (Egoist), which will be released very soon, the confessional «» (Ocean) - a favorite composition of the artist himself, a clip for which is planned for release next year and, of course, the most anticipated numbers which were the duet « » (Forgive me) with a hologram of Sergei Lazarev and the dance hit «» (Hold) with a live appearance by Miss World Ksenia Sukhinova. The last song - the absolute hit of the season, leading the MUZ TV and iTunes Charts, so enthused the whole hall that it was performed as an encore in the finale of the concert!

A separate impressive part of the show was the panorama of the Crocus Hall. In addition to the traditional creative flash mobs prepared by Dima’s fans the arena was adorned by a sea of different coloured lights emanating from luminous bracelets which were handed out to the public at the entrance to the concert hall and which changed colour with every song. This created an inimitable mood of cosmic flight and universal love.

In autumn 2017 Dima Bilan was a guest on programs such as «+1»( Dandy +1) on Love Radio, and the « » (First Channel) shows - « »(Tonight) - (two special editions, one featuring the «Golden Cadre» of coaches («» (The Voice)) and another devoted to Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko), « » (Evening Urgant) and « » (Good morning). Also the November issue of Cosmopolitan magazine published an interview with Dima.

Translated by Michael Mindt.