Dima Bilan - premiere of the track "Молния" (Lightning)!

Track # Lightning! ⚡️
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The dance track "Lightning" is the fruit of Dima Bilan's collaboration with his long-term author Denis Kowalski ("Держи", "Я просто люблю тебя", "Ночной хулиган"), and it captivates instantly: it is simultaneously hooligan, romantic, sensual, funny, but the main thing is, from it comes a powerful charge of energy! Listen and dance!
This year, MTV Russia has turned 20 years old. In honor of the jubilee in the Olympisky Sport Complex, a big  concert of the stars of this legendary television channel was staged by the famous director Alexei Golubev. Dima Bilan performed with a potpourri of his  hits, as well as a hot duet with Polina "Drunk Love".

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Dima Bilan - 20 Years MTV Russia - Potpourri - 27/09/2018

Dima Bilan & Polina - "Drunk Love" at the concert "MTV 20 years", SC "Olympic", 27.09.2018

Dima Bilan and Polina visited "Evening Uurgant"  show on September 13, talked about their collaboration, filming the video and presented a new version of the live performance of their hit "Drunk Love":


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 Photo credit by Stepan Tretiakov

The New Wave-2018

September 16, 2018

From 4 to 9 September in Sochi was an international contest "New Wave". Dima Bilan's speeches became his bright moments.


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Dima Bilan at the opening of the "New Wave-2018" with the song "Derzhi", 09/04/2018


Dima Bilan – «Странник» (Wanderer) 06/09/2018, Creative evening of V. Presnyakov



Dima Bilan – «Я тебя отвоюю» (I'll Defeat You) - Creative Evening of Irina Allegrova 07.09.2018


Dima Bilan - disco Muz-TV, 09/06/2018


Dima Bilan & Polina – «Пьяная любовь» (Drunk Love) 08.09.2018



Dima Bilan and Grammy winner  Polina had a crazy wedding, celebrating their "Drunk Love". Who has not been invited to this carousing of the 90's: popular bloggers, actors, singers, even a real tiger! Filming took place at the height of summer season  in spacious Zelenograd. Local babushkas  were vividly discussing what was happening, it seems, taking the wedding for a real one.

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 This folky tragicomedy was produced by  VERSUS PICTURES  studio, and the super creative team was headed by: Dasha Charusha, the amazing multicultural darling of the art scene (also known as an actress, musician, producer) together with  creative producer - the famous comedian and showman Alexander Gudkov.

Polina, who’s playing the part of the bride in the video, is also the songwriter behind the song "Drunk Love". Which she wrote after Dima Bilan approached her with the idea of their duet. American singer and songwriter of Russian origin Polina has a Grammy for a collab track with Eminem called "Legacy", several "gold status” and No. 1 records including "Book of Love" and "Fade To Love", which also became massive hits in Russia, and countless star-studded collaborations with such DJ artists as Tiesto, Steve Aoki and Felix Jaehn.

   The artists shared their impressions of the shoot:

Dima Bilan: "This is perhaps the most fun shoot in my life, we ourselves could not help laughing at our material all 3 days! There are so many surprises, so much crazy creativity! During the filming, I constantly repeated нow envious I feel of myself about  the team that has gathered. And what actors! I just wanted to get acquainted, cooperate with some of the heroes ... and now it came true, all the actual, trendy - on one square meter! For me this video is a revolutionary masterpiece. I wonder how the audience will perceive it. "

Polina: "When Dima first asked me to do a record collab, I could have not imagined how adventurous and unusual the video will be! For me, as a Western artist, everything already felt in a new way (since this is my first Russian-language single). And during the 3 days of our shoot I think I have lived through all the sensations of the Russian exotic 90s - which I missed out on due to the fact that I’ve lived in the US most of my conscious life. I’ve shot a variety of videos, but one of this caliber of fun - perhaps, never before. And the number of talented people on set was mind-blowing! Everyone’s energy was off the charts. The most important thing is that everyone had so much fun with the process – and that alone isn’t comparable to anything else! I really hope that this energy will be transcend from the screen to the viewer and will infect everyone with fun! "

  Have fun watching, - let’s celebrate!